• Play station is love, playstation is life

    I think playstation is better then Xbox because, well look! The PLAYSTATION is more powerful then Xbox is And it has alot of amazing things! And I mean ALOT or amazing things, and ps4 even has a share play feature which xbox one does not have, so the story goes, the PLAYSTATION is better then the xbox! Xbox may have been popular before, but now that time has come to an end :) so playstation is the best!

  • I've always preferred PlayStation.

    Since the original PlayStation was released in the 90's I have preferred the PlayStation platform, controllers, games and gameplay. I have never owned an XBOX both because so many of the games overlap with PlayStation's offerings and because XBOX tends to have more issues with locking up and connectivity than PlayStation.

  • Xbox 4 life bruv

    I've reviewed the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now, and I'm prepared to eat some of my words. The Xbox One isn't just a powerful game system on the same level as the PlayStation 4, it's an incredible home entertainment hub that actually fulfills the promises made by Microsoft. In short, the Xbox One is the better system. Period. At least, at launch with the current feature sets offered by both devices.

    Microsoft wanted to make a media hub monstrosity that didn't just play games and use streaming apps, but served as a cable box and portal to anything you would watch on your TV. It wanted to build a device that could serve as the only thing you need plugged into your TV. Now, much like Gamera who was a fearsome beast that turned out to be friend to all children, the entertainment Frankenstein's monster of the Xbox One turns out to be exactly what Microsoft said it would be.

  • It depends on the generation

    I do believe the xbox 360 and xbox 1 did out perform the ps3 and ps4. On the other hand, I also believe that the ps2 definitely beat the original xbox hands down. Play station 1 just sucked so I'm not even going there. But to be clear, the N64 was the best console ever

  • Xbox Is Much Better than Playstation

    Although it depends on what type of games a person likes to play, I think Xbox is much better because it has a lot of adventure games such as Halo and Call of Duty. The games are complex, well-constructed and people don't become bored playing them. Playstation is better if you like sports games but I find their games less thought out and they don't have the great animation of Xbox.

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