• It has no long term effect

    Poetry has no effect in the real world, All it has is childhood stories that you forget in a day or week. Schools are made to educate and prepare you for the real world not give you love and emotional stories. If you can't learn subjects you can't get a good education so poetry will have stopped you from achieving what you wanted.

  • Poetry is a waste of time.

    Poetry should be touched on in middle school because it can help express yourself, but it is a waste of time for high school. Their are so many other things to learn that are far more important that are not being taught because we are wasting so much time on stuff that is unnecessary such as poetry.

  • Poetry Is boring

    Poetry is boring because a lot of schools dont like the way it is presented and it also tires out students due to boredm. So i do agree that poetry should be removed from school and will never ever ever ever ever come back ever ever again..... At all Forever

  • There's better things to be learning

    It all goes back to the whole, why don't we learn how to buy a house, pay bills, etc. Poetry is never used in adult life unless you're an teacher, a poet, a musician or a writer. And only a small percent of people sitting in the classroom with you are going to be one of those things.

  • It doesn't suit everybody!

    Poetry is not suited to everybody. People may not have an opinion on a particular matter discussed by a poet . Hence , it should not be taught , or at least , be optional for those who really want to do it and are passionate about it . There !

  • It doesn't suit everybody!

    Poetry is not suited to everybody. People may not have an opinion on a particular matter discussed by a poet . Hence , it should not be taught , or at least , be optional for those who really want to do it and are passionate about it . There !

  • Poetry is a waste of time

    It's all in the past and only focuses on one person's feelings that no one cares about and are soon overcome over time by themselves. Maths and science on the other hand have universal substance and timeless importance which we rely on to help make our planet a better place. Poetry is just a bunch of meaningless emotive documents people forget in a week

  • Poetry is a waste of time

    We need to teach kids about things that will enable them to think critically and be productive members of society. Poetry is impractical unless your in a college philosophy class. What is the point? Teach them physics and calculus and have them invent the next big thing. Poetry simply isn't an applicable topic.

  • Poetry an unnecessary burden for schools

    Poetry is a literary art in which language is used for its aesthetic an evocative qualities as well as the language's normal meaning. Poetry dates back as far as any literature, to the first civilization in Mesopotamia with the Sumerian epic Gilgamesh. It undoubtedly has a long pedigree but that does not mean it should be taught in schools. Can we justify keeping this subject obligatory for failing schools and schools under special measures? At the moment poetry is part of the English national curriculum where only essential skills, often called the three R's are considered essential. These are reading, writing and arithmetic.

  • Poetry is a powerful form of expression

    Hymns and psalms are poetry put to music. Almost everyone is familiar with the 23rd. Psalm and Amazing Grace.
    What Aussie doesn't feel the humour of "A Bush Christening"?
    Why do we remember the ill fated charge of the light brigade in the Crimean war? Because Tennyson told the story in rhyme.
    Many poems touch our emotions and provide an escape from the mundane world.

  • Poetry is all-around important to an individual's mental/emotional health and it stays very significant to today's society.

    Research has shown that poetry works both the left and right sides of your brain. Also, it research has shown that it can help relieve anxiety and other negative emotions which can keep a person emotionally balanced. Reading poetry can also help better understand history better than your average piece of historical literature due to it increasing activity while reading poetry in an area that helps your memory.

  • Poetry Part of Culture

    Poetry, particularly in English, is part of our culture. The study of poetry isn't an unnecessary burden for schools. That aspect of the arts should be studied by everyone to provide a background in English literature. You never know when the next Shakespeare will take a love to rhyming poetry because of an interest harbored in school.

  • No it is not.

    Poetry like many say, is not a burden. It may not be the easiest subject, but it is a fun subject too. Poetry is an art form, a form of expression, a form of stress relief. Also having poetry removed will do no good, personally I like reading poems that have a higher meaning, a morale if you wish. So poems don't only train our reading; but it helps us think outside the box.

  • It is not a burden

    Poetry, like any other art form, is a way for kids to express themselves. It inhibits creativity and encourages students to think outside of the box. It can also be therapeutic. The brain is a muscle just like any other, and you can exercise it in many academic ways but poetry can fulfill their creative drive.

  • No poetry is much more than cute words or rhymes

    Poetry is an art form and takes skill, creativity, imagination, and vocabulary. The benefits of exercising a persons brain in the way learning about and creating poetry can (and will), spill over into all aspects of thinking. Most have heard of the saying, "The brain is a muscle and like all muscles needs to be exercised." and, "Swimming is a great exercise because it works every muscle in your body." Likewise, poetry exercises the brain in all aspects from problem solving to logic, memory to spelling. Poetry is an absolute necessity to students and all people.

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