• Pokemon obviously wins

    In the theme song for digimon it clearly states that digimon are the Chapin and that is not what it's about. It should go into a pokemon theme song in my opinion.Additionally, pokemon is an ongoing game that makes every game enjoyable. Need I remind you about how pokemon was and still is very popular and just to be clear, just because you heard that pokemon is more popular doesn't mean that its a better game just because of that. The quality and experience of being able to play a new pokemon hame at a very young age just fills your body with exitement just as you walk to the lab and get your very 1st pokemon. At a young age, you should be able to experience that and look back when your older and say "hey that was a very memorable experience!"

  • Pokemon is way better

    This is a game of not just having fun, but having experiences and adventure. Also, for all of you haters saying "well digimon is better because you can digivolve at anytime you want." Although it may be true you can also mega evolve pokemon whenever you want (if you have the ring , Pokémon, and stone ). On this argument, pokemon is definitely better due to the way it gIves you a 1 in a lifetime chance.

  • Pokemon is better

    Pokemon is better because it has a story that is entertaining for people of every age. Characters are funny and interesting. Also, the characters are more deep and every one of them has a purpose. Team Rocket are great and every pokemon fan loves them. Pokemon is the best anime ever.

  • Yes, it has better games

    The Pokemon franchise has, in my opinion, the best games ever created, compared to the games of digimon, which is very confusing and boring, has an actual story line, and is an RPG with 712 character. Compared to digimon, pokemon also suits a much wider range of audience, from 5 years olds to 25 years olds, from kids that just watch the anime to competitive gamers. Pokemon is better.

  • Pokemon is Awesome

    Pokemon is an ongoing headline, but I've only got 1 digimon card, and that was from a friend. Pokemon have made a remarkable impact on many lives, including mine. I know I sound corny, but it has actually helped me to do better in school by teaching me not to give up. Mostly in the anime though. Like with continuously fighting team rocket.

  • Pokemon is so much higher up.

    In the digital world, you have to be "digidestined" to be able to work with monsters. However, in the Pokemon world, everyone can follow their dreams, and though people cannot communicate with Pokemon directly, it is beautiful to see that with the close friendships Pokemon and people, language isn't an issue. Evolving Pokemon is very rewarding, though optional. Evolving digimon isn't permanent and all they get is more weapons anyway. Pokemon is more lighthearted and you see kids partner up with pokemon to follow their dreams and collect all of the badges. Digimon is more harsh because people are dyeing trying to save the digital world. Also, Pokemon is more original, where each character is based off of different animals, objects, or Japanese tales. Digimon just end with mon. If they didn't talk you would hear the same name over and over again. Pokemon characters don't die often in the anime, since it is a kids' show. But they do, and it is very meaningful, such as Latios, Lucario, and even ash gets turned to stone once. People often criticize team rocket for not being frightening as digimon's villains, but as it is a kid's show, they don't need to be. Team rocket's attempts at stealing pokemon are hilarious, and I laugh at them quite a lot. Lastly, to top is off, the games. Digimon's games were okay, but they were just an addition to the franchise to compete with Pokemon. Pokemon's games and anime released at around the same time. The games get more amazing each generation, and sure there are some uninspired Pokemon (Trubbish i'm looking at you) but there were more often great additions, such as the Pokemon Amie and mega evolution which make you more attached to your pokemon in x and y. Also, in the anime and games, shiny Pokemon are pure awesomeness, like the shiny Noctowl ash captures. I could list many more reasons, and the feud between Pokemon and Digimon will forever continue, but in my opinion, Pokemon will always look down on Digimon.

  • Pokemon brings people togeather

    What set pokemon appart from everything else is that it was like a mulitverse. I remember listening to a bunch of kids at school talk about the Anime when it was new, however I only had Pokemon Red. But I was still able to join the conversation because of the perfect balance between the anime, video game, card game, an manga. 1/1,000,000,000 companies that attempt that succeed. Pokemon was one, and is the only reason that I have friends today.

  • Pokemon is awesome. Digimon sucks anus.

    Digimon is just a throw off of pokemon. Compare digimon and pokemon and you'll see what i mean. Also, digimon don't even fight, they just use their moves to stop fights. Second, Pokemon is making a lot of merchandise. Look in stores. There are no digimon crap is there. Pokemon has a lot of stuff to buy.

  • No annoying transformations.

    There are not a billion of annoying transformations every episode. When the digimon digivolve the most annoying scream noise keeps getting higher and higher. Digimon voices are annoying and there it is all just too complicated. I could keep going but I have put in my vote the why doesn't matter as much.

  • Yes Pokemon is better and more original

    Pokemon is better than Digimon. Part of the reason is Digimon is a copy off of Pokemon and most of the time the spin offs or copies are not as good as the originial. Pokemon will go down in history as one of the first of its kind while Digimon will not.

  • Digimon is not a copy

    Digimon Is not a copy and this has been proven countless times you people are just to stupid to see the facts and it was a better show to because of story, villains, cliffhangers, and the fact that it could happen. Why I'm saying that is because in the tamer series a group of people were working on A.I. Program called digimon (A.I. Is artificial intelligence) and it was given a self-learning program that helps them digivolve. Also the only reason why pokemon is more popular is because they spammed there advertisements on television so much that it was hard to egnore, and I just remember reading that on more than one pokemon has been confirmed to be racist and one of the episodes of pokemon in Japan had caused children to have seizures but that episode was canceled and never was released in Amarica. Another thing I want to talk about is that digimon are a lot stronger than pokemon and here's a example rizegreymon vs. Charizard (sorry if I spelled it wrong) I believe that people will bet on rizegreymon winning for more than one reason. To talk about the series is that digimon had a lot of cliffhangers and plot twisters I can't go in to much details, but if you look around the internet you will find other peoples opinions in greater detail but I think I will end it here and look up 8 reasons digimon was a better show than pokemon cause this guy knows what he's talking about. So see you later.

  • This is why i think Digimon is better than Pokemon

    Digimon is a Way better anime than Pokemon, better animations, better monsters, better evolutions, better soundtrack, better characters, better plot, better fights, and moreover, Digimon has an ending, which is something Pokemon doesn't have. For me this is why Digimon is and will always be a better anime than Pokemon.

  • Pokémon is overrated.

    Pokémon, hands down, has the best games. And, obviously, the franchise is much bigger than Digimon. But if we're talking about the TV show, Pokémon pales in comparison.

    Digimon had a continuous, semi-complex plot (for a kids' show). Each episode was a continuation of the last, with cliff-hanger after cliff-hanger, keeping the viewers coming back for more. There is clear character development for nearly all of the main characters and the plot is dynamic.

    Pokémon runs in circles. At the beginning of each season, Ash somehow forgets everything. "What? I need to weaken this bird before I can catch it?" There is little to no character depth or development, and the villains are pathetic.

    Don't get me wrong; I enjoy Pokémon video games and trading card game, but the TV show just kills it.

  • No it is not

    I think Digimon is better because ash doesn't even grow up and the series is just on going how big is this world.At least Digimon has the kids growing up like in season 2 of digimon the season 1 digi-destined are grow up in the series.And Digimon is just simply more interesting.

  • Pokemon don't have a life

    The second season of digimon has the kids from the first season are in the second season but are older and more mature but in Pokemon, Ash is never ageing and immortal and the bad guys in Pokemon are pathetic and never succeed and the villains in digimon scare the crap out of you and actually succeed at most things.

  • On a very personal level

    Deep down in my heart I will always show respect to Pokemon because of those addictive video games and the first season only, BBBUUUT I will forever be a DigiDestined. My cousins and I we're blessed with Digimon Adventure 01 back in elementary and never had my young curious mind had been so pumped up for every new episode that came out. The Digital World was and still is our fantasy wonderland. The hardships and tribulations that the kids had to go through just to return home and then realize that only they could save both worlds from either extinction or enslavement and accepting their destiny really blew me away. The thing that I loved most about all digimon seasons was the pure fact of an actual story from the first episode until finally being concluded on the last. Kids/Teens/Adults, we all love a good story that will leave us with an undying thirst for more. Also the fact that Digimon Adventure Tri; the sequel to Adventure 02 and 01 which will involve the "Original Eight" heroes proves that the fandom is still breathing, still believing and still digivolving . THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES.

  • The fights are bloody awesome

    The whole reason I fell in love with the Digimon anime all those years ago as a child in the first place. In Pokemon even in the anime, except for in select few occasions such as in the first movie when everybody just resorted to all-out brawling their clones, the fights follow a basic RPG setup: one turn, one move. The anime allows some leeway with this, but as a result of pokemon standing strictly by their moveset, if you've seen a tactic once, you'll see it a million times (until Ash moves on to another region where he'll forget everything).

    Contrast Digimon where, while digimon do have signature techniques, they're more relegated to being finishing blows, diversions, etc. Because fights are not competitively sanctioned like in Pokémon, there's more liberty for outside the box thinking with incentive to do so because they're playing for keeps. This also adds a lot of tension to the fights because you know that with one misstep (and admittedly fewer deus ex machinas) the kids, and at times, the entire world could die.

  • One word: Plot

    Ever since the first generation of Pokémon, the franchise has been using the same recycled plot, throughout both the games and the anime. The only thing that ever changes is the monsters and whatever evil team's ambitions. The message the anime conveys is also quite negative: I am not good enough the way I am, I must kick people back into the dirt to become better.
    Digimon however, always uses a new plot, introducing a fresh aspect in both the game and the anime every single time. The characters are easier to relate to and more likeable, making for a better plot. Every series and game has its own individual ups and downs, but are overall more enjoyable. The fact that each of the monsters can voice its own opinion instead of doing whatever its 'partner' wants it to, even altering its evolution line depending on how it's treated.
    Overall, Pokémon may be able to make a million monsters, but none of them will ever have the heart and soul of a digimon.

  • Original doesn't have to mean good.

    There are several arguments saying that one franchise is the "original". In my own honest opinion, I don't care if pokemon came first. Digimon has a REALLY good anime. Sure it's short, but the creators clearly put effort into it. In digimon, each episode builds up one long storyline. In Pokémon, each episode was quite repeatitive. The characters (or "our heroes" as the narrator specifies) run into a character of the day, encounter a problem with team rocket, struggle, and live happily ever after. The only exceptions to this are battles with the regional evil teams (Team Plasma, Team Magma/Aqua, etc.). Even though digimon isn't as popular, it doesn't mean it isn't a good franchise.

  • Way too biased........

    My argument will have no or little bias, here we go. Pokémon is good but it's WAY too much like Jump superheros like Son Goku, Monkey D. Luffy, Naruto etc... They all want to be the beat so most people disnt like it for that reason ( by most people I mean some people in the 44% who said "no") But Digimon was darker witch made more 10yr olds not watch it ir not complete it. Pokemon is more mainatream and EVERYONE LOVES IT ( if you dont love it you were never 10-11) and Digimon ends in "Mon" so if you never cared about Digimon but just saw it and said "Thats a ripoff of Pokémon" thats what most people do/did. Digimon is getting better because its not competing against Pokémon, and if you watch Digimon Xros Wars ( or if you don't like sub's( Sub's means subtitles) watch the American version Digimon Fusion) its pretty good compared to Pokémon now. Pokémon now is aimed for like 7yr olds that's why its kinda crappy now. But it just depends on what you like. Most people like nostalgia. If this was about the games Pokémon would win by a landslide because all of the main Pokémon games are good Digimon only has two good games. That's just my option. Don't be dumb, bye.

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