• Everything can give you knowledge

    Pokemon gets kids to be strategic because you have over 700 pokemon and each one has certain typing, movepools and stats. Yet they only give you the ability to main 6 pokemon. This makes player have to plan ahead for every situation but it is designed in a way that the best team is not possible. Making it the hardest game of chess a little kid can play. Every pokemon and pokemon game has a backstory and if you read them you could see the inspiration of the games and pokemon to cultures in the world. Most names are easy to tell the origin others are not and if you look at the hard ones then you could also learn some more things about cultures. When you grow up you will end up with useless information that will not help you but you will also develop math, memory, planning, organization and culture skills. I went in order of most likely to get to least likely to get. So it is up to you do decide if having that useless info is worth it for the skills that you get and if you play just for fun or for hard core. Most of the stuff I mention you start to get once you enter competitive pokemon. If you are just an little kid I would wait for 2-4 grade before you hope they could learn that (they can play checkers and hopefully understand chess, divide and multiple, deal with fractions and are good choice makers or at least be able to make a good choice without asking you about it all the time). Any younger and they will just be kids playing a game randomly for fun.

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