• Satan's scheme diguised as an innocent little show

    This show is a scheme of the devil to lure kids into hell. First of all, many Pokémon show different signs of Satanism. Pikachu's tail is a satanic "Z," Abrakadabra's face is an upside-down pentagram, and of course, Houndoom is black and red with a mean facial expression and twin horns, and the show has more representations of the devil. The basic concept is that "trainers" command their pets and tell them what to do. It is a copy of a concept of people commanding spirits in a realm with hand motions. Satanic? I think so.

  • There is proof the maker of the game admitted it himself

    There is proof the maker of the game admitted it himself
    look at this link below. It discusses an interview taken on the maker of Pokemon himself. Hi makes it clear that Pokemon was designed to go against everything Christians believe in. He explains that it is strictly Anti-christian. READ IT YOURSELF!!!!

  • Pokemon is very satanic

    The creator of Pokemon said it himself didn't he? He hates Christ! He made evil Pokemon like 'Arceus' which plays the role of "God", in fact the game has multiple "Gods" that come from Arceus. Pokemon may be "good for kids" but in the end it teaches logic against many religions such as evolution, hypnotism, monsters, and animals different from God's design! Pokemon opens kids minds to negative effects that may cause problems in their personality in the future, if you want kids to learn values show them some other game that's not satanic! People say this game is fictional but kids are easily influenced and tricked.

  • Pokemon is bad

    This game is polluting the minds of your youth. It is filling there innocent minds with satanic themes. It is games like Pokemon that will ultimately lead to the downfall of the free world as we now it. I had dream once it was sent to me by god, i am a prophet of the lord. He showed satan himself, YES SATAN playing a gameboy advance (sp) and you wanna know what he was playing Pokemon yellow. Open your eyes america Pokemon is rapidly destroying your children. The only way to purge satan from them is continues beatings until they no longer have a drive for those dastardly demons.

  • Why wont you think it is?

    The game is about capturing animals and putting them into little balls. Then you make them fight each other using "Abilities" and "Powers", until one "Faints" and it continues. The winner gets the other persons money. Cockfighting for kids, this game was designed to take all your money and your soul.

  • I play the card game and have them and recently found out about this satanic thing

    I used to not think they were until I dug deeper. Not only did the game developer admit to it, but I found a site that said after you get them all you feel like you have power over people and they suffocate your family when you are sleeping and return to your bed. Scary stuff. I am only 11 and I am christain I am thinking of giving my cards away. I can't deal with the thought of my family dying. My father is already dead he died when I was 5 and I can't lose my mom and my sister. I can't do this. I need to get them out of my house. I am scared. Terrified even. I'm only 11!!?!?! What do I do?!? I am christian, Baptist even. I don't want them to kill my family!!!!! What do I do.

  • Pokémon destroyed my church

    This satanic game has caused thousands of "Pokémon GO" (more like Pokémon GOdless) to flock to my church, apparently replacing it with a "Poker Center". This satanic ritual has introduced gambling into my children's lives. In addition, children have been fighting over some team Mystic (satanism) and Valor (also satanism) and several children have died as a result.

  • Many ways to look at

    First off, it is possible for demons to come out when you do call their names. Also the devil uses kids because they are a easier target to have their minds in a way. The devil likes to manipulate many things especially kids at a age that know don't really know the difference of good and evil. Yes it is a cute kids game and it is your choice to use but some people might use this "game" for witchcraft. There are bad people and good people out there but I don't know if it is the same with Pokémon's. Yes they are cute but the devil makes it cute and fun to make it easier to manipulate things and people. Trust god and he will protect you from this.

  • Who will you choose? It's simple Jesus Christ or Satan?

    Both Jesus & Satan have power. If it's not for Jesus, it has power but is against Him. Therefore, it is nothing Christian kids should be dabbling in. Plus, it is written that Jesus wins in the end! Choose the winning team!! It's not an easy road but the most rewarding one!

  • Who will you choose? It's simple Jesus Christ or Satan?

    Both Jesus & Satan have power. If it's not for Jesus, it has power but is against Him. Therefore, it is nothing Christian kids should be dabbling in. Plus, it is written that Jesus wins in the end! Choose the winning team!! It's not an easy road but the most rewarding one!

  • Pokémon Makes Fun of Religions and Myths

    Pokémon does base their monsters off of religions, myths, and legends. And yes there are definitive signs to combat especially Christianity. However, Pokémon was not deliberately designed to be satanic, the creator of the franchise, Satoshi Tajiri was and is not satanic worshipper, (Athiest, but not satanic). Tajiri grew up under the house of what I can imagine as a very strict and stubborn Cathlic family. As he grew up, he realized that some things his parents were no doubt forcing him to believe may not fully be true. So he began to combat his parent's beliefs, he tells in an interview, that it started with the idea of evolution. You all can read this interview for yourselves, (Http://www.P4rgaming.Com/pokemon-creator-admits-games-aimed-towards-satanists/). Please note that this is the same web page given in a Yes statement. I for one am a Christian, and while do follow the bible, I know that evolution did happen, and I have found nothing in the bible to combat this scientific theory. I personally do not like Pokémon in the slightest, and know of it's negative effects on kids, but the reason is not because I think it is satanic. I just find the whole franchise to be too cute, and not a good influence to kids in the slightest. It is most definitely a direct slap in the face to Christianity, but he says himself that he does not worship Satin. I would presume that he doesn't worship anything. So I have to side with the "No" on this question, though like I said before, that does not mean I do not believe Pokémon to be a terrible influence on our children.

  • Pokemon has no demonic material

    I've been playing and watching Pokemon since 2007 and I know for a fact that Pokemon has no ties to Satanism. Sure there are a few Pokemon that look a bit intimidating and there isn't always kid-friendly stuff in the Games, like Lavander Town and the Pokemon Tower from Gen 1.

    Or the Distortion Realm in Gen 4. But under no circumstances has there been any remote or direct Link to Satan or Hell in any form.

    People who believe this and preach this sort of belief are incredibly moronic and ignorant for linking something like Pokemon to Satan

  • Pokemon is NOT evil.

    In my personal opinion, Pokemon is not evil, it is just a fun game, it's not something that IS evil like killing a person, stealing, or cheating in a test.
    But also, you do not have to get ADDICTED to Pokemon, that would be already bad, and you would be affecting your sight very much and your mind. I am a Christian, but I am not against Pokemon. It isn't evil, get to the point and admit it. Oh, and by the way, Pokemon is a funny and cute game, not like other games were you kill, ect.

  • No, Pokemon is not Satanic.

    For one thing, Pokemon emphasizes love and connection between trainer and pokemon. I see no way that it is satanic. Also, trainers cannot force their pokemon to battle, and if the trainer tries to, they can always defend themselves against the trainer. So, if you ask me (and many, many other pokemon fans) it is nowhere near satanic.

  • Sooooo not satanic

    People saying it is satanic really take the fun out of theire childrens lifes!
    It is just a show, it is entertaining! There are more satanic stuff going on in the real world! Just open your eyes and you will see! Liike money it is also satanic then because you buy the things you want because praying takes longer than opening your wallet so it did not come from God!
    I mean really according to the statement about pikachu's tail that is in the shape of a satanic "Z"! What is next, cars are satanic because theire wheels look like a satanic "O" !? Something is only satanic if you believe it is, But then your belief in God isnt strong for thene you believe he is not the all mighty! Im a christian and i allow my children and myself to watch these programs because its just a animation just for entertainment! If you go looking for the devil you will find him everywhere because you then give him the power to be there!!!!

  • FACTS belive it

    Yes Pokemon's creator is satanic but that does not mean that kids are going to look for the satanic things all their going to see is a cool looking animal or " Pokemon" in this case fight other trainers and their Pokemon , wild Pokemon and gym leaders so their Pokemon can evolve and just like the slogan says Gota catch'em all .

  • Tell me what you think after this.

    I'm a Christian and read the Bible. Harry Potter is clearly satanic and we all can agree on that but pokemon. Pokemon do not have magic and just because they do stuff that no one can do IRL. Oh wait
    Abilities surf, dive, water gun and most fighting and flying abilities can be found. I played pokemon for years now and if you did too you would know most pokemon are just cute and fun animals that can do different things. Also most ideas came from real life.
    I had no nightmares from pokemon. Most cats can jump 6 times its body weight so does that mean it's satanic, no it doesn't. Where did this come from oh yeah a guy who posted on twitter saying "taco bell has been getting a lot of support, I'm going to prey". What do you thing now?

  • Don't judge a subject rashly without any related experience, knowledge or research

    If you try on purpose and hard enough, you'd literally find that anything in the world can have satanic symbolism. You're seeing what you expect to see in something you haven't even tried to understand thoroughly enough. Whether it be Pokemon or Harry Potter, the majority of people calling them satanic have barely ever even played the games or read the books, but just base their judgement on random and shallow summaries of the subject. Also, much of the content and "facts" that have been posted on sites supporting that Pokemon or Harry Potter is Satanic, are all slightly distorted or completely different from the real original contents in the franchises. People who are into the franchises have all noticed this misrepresentation of contents that are often provided as "facts" in articles. That is why I suggest looking into these franchises and gaining enough understanding about them first before judging harshly. I personally played Pokemon and enjoyed Harry Potter books since I was a young child, and I also studied the bible in my late teens. And I would say that it would truly be wise to understand the subject you want to criticize first, then judge fairly whether it really is wrong. Just as Pokemon or Harry Potter fans feel misunderstood when people call these things Satanic without understanding it enough first, firm believers of the Bible would feel offended and misunderstood too if people criticized them by merely having read a tiny bit of the Bible and basing their criticism off the small (and possibly more negative) fractions of the Bible.

  • A poor excuse for Christian parents to stop their kids from playing video games.

    Pokemon is a GAME. It''s FICTIONAL. It does not in any way promote worshipping pokemon or the devil and I have read all of the sites talking about why it IS satanic and it''s just really a bunch of mumbo jumbo about relations to other religions and witchcraft, a bit of a long run for a reason for me. Again, it's a frickin game and if Satan was using it to deceive us, he might as well just go possess some people or smth. Honestly, it's a bunch of excessive Christianity. If they thought that pokemon was against the bible, they shouldn't be eating pork, shaving or wearing clothes of 2 materials. Get real guys.

  • It's an innocent kids game that kids and adults play for entertainment reasons.

    The interview about how satoshi Tajiri says that Pokemon was his idea of rebelling against his cristian parents is most likely fake and made up by the site. Because it is super rare to find Cristian Japanese people. The only Japanese people that are Cristian are people that had other people from other parts of the world teach them their Cristian or Catholic beliefs

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