Is Pokémon X and Y a best game in the Pokémon core series yet?

Asked by: anti-iTunes
  • In my opinion it is by far.

    I didn't like the older pokemon games so I like the newer games from diamond, pearl and platinum. It has the best pokemon and it has the new fairy typing and don't forget the best feature mega evolution the rivals are great the starters and their final evolutions are great and the game in general is just great. That's why pokemon x and y is by far the best pokemon game of all time.

  • No. It is not

    I like the older pokemon games because they are more nostalgic and the new pokemon games just keep adding new pokemon like wtf? Their shouldnt be too much pokemon because in the future we wouldnt complete the pokedex -_- thats why I dont like Pokemon X and Y being considered as the best pokemon game

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