• Yes, but there are still better Pokémon Games

    The Pokémon Formula works, and it works well. Between 721 catchable monsters, a 30 hour long adventure and an incredibly complex and intriguing competitive scene, the Pokémon games are among the best out there (in my opinion, at least). Pokémon X and Y are no exception. They do lack post-game content and have some balance issues, but they also have a large region without too many HM requirements and a massive regional Pokédex of 454. These are not perfect games, but there is no such thing as a perfect game. There is only one other Pokémon Game on the 3DS at the moment (from the main series) so, despite some of the series' previous entries being better (in my opinion), X and Y are my favourite games for 3DS. This is likely to change when Pokémon Sun and Moon come out.

  • Yes, it is the best game on 3DS

    It has excellent graphics, a good design, a good plot, and fun game play. It is suitable for much more audience than other games on 3DS. The musics were memorable, and it made competitive battling much easier by making hoard battles and super training. It is the best 3DS game that there is.

  • Sure it is!

    It is legendary among all the 3DS games. Good graph, new evolution, and even changeable hairstyles all make new experience to all players loving Pokémon. And the experience share system helping different Pokémon get the same amount of experience rather than spiting up the experience into several individuals makes game less time-consuming. Only one shortcut: Since Pokémon Black and White, the games have been extremely easy, so is X and Y. Players hungering for more challenging game would be disappointed, but that does not mean less complicated scenario.

  • Yes, it is.

    Pokemon X and Y is like a mixture of everything great that pokemon is and has been. With a range of different pokemon from new pokemon to old ones that everybody loves. It has great gameplay and has the best connectivity of any of its predecessors. In my opinion the most enjoyable game that the 3DS has to offer and an experience unlike any other.

  • No they are not

    No because Pokemon can trigger seizures in young children from the blinking lights that they emit in the game so no I would not promote something that could potentially harm children. I think Starfox is a way better game than Pokemon and therefore should be considered a better game for many reasons.

  • No its not

    There are more good games then that, that are good on 3ds. Pokémon is the worst. Don't buy it, its a waste of money. Many people hate it. It is not good for kids. There are too many Pokémon to keep track. The main characters suck and the starter characters are ugly plus the Pokémon

  • Ocarina of Time 3DS

    There is a better game. Ocarina of Time 3DS. It has a lot better story, it is much deeper, and it is more fun. Also, there is Majora's Mask 3DS which is better than X and Y in a similar way. No, X and Y aren't the best 3DS games.

  • I love Pokemon, BUT...

    X and Y are great games, with many new and memorable pokemon to catch. In my opinion it is a fantastic addition to your 3ds collection, however, the amount of new pokemon released is the lowest it has been in many generations, adding only about 70 new pokemon, and after the game, I felt as though what I expect in a pokemon game was missing, a good plot. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire fix this, with the amazing new delta episode as well as being a reboot to the famous ruby and sapphire games.

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