Is Pokémon X and Y the best Pokémon game in the core series?

Asked by: anti-iTunes
  • It is the best

    Because of the new graphics and the new gameplay features of the pss so soy don't have to access the GTS at the centers and can ev train more than ever while Pokemon Amie is just awesome, let's not forget about the battle Maison and the battle chateau x x

  • More improved gameplay....

    Since the release of Nintendo 3DS back in 2011, Nintendo decided to release a Pokémon game in October 2013 under the title of Pokémon X and Y. These games feature three-dimensional perspective and more advanced gameplay. There are major alterations also in the game like improvement in graphics and gameplay.

  • Absolutely not they're terrible by contrast

    The gameplay is insultingly easy, thanks to the introduction of mega evolution and the new Exp. Share. Both of which are 100% unrestricted, with no penalty of any kind for using them. Making the trainer's pokemon super-powered AND skyrocketing their levels makes for a VERY easy game, and a dull one. I don't care how deep a game's combat is. If you are GIVEN a way to overcome everything by simply tapping the touch screen in the same place every battle, you have a boring game. Yes, it's useful in the post-game, but in-game it's cancerous.

  • Meh not the best game

    Kinda felt the nostalgia excitement of the game in the beginning and i liked they added another pseudo legendary Pokemon. But later when you finish the game there not that much to do i liked omega ruby much better. But at least x and y added a few more cool Pokemon and mega evolution and the pvp was much better and even have the ability to keep a Friends system

  • Subjectively, no it was not

    Coming from someone who has played all generations of pokemon games, X&Y was a let-down. I don't know what was missing, but I never really felt as excited with X@Y as I did with Emerald (my favorite in the series). I did, however, use the XP boost, which may have made my experience too easy to be fun.

  • No, they suck.

    After Gen 2 I think that the Pokemon games have been, for the most part, decreasing in quality. Even with the major technological developments since the time of the older games, I find the newer versions to be far less enjoyable. It's getting far too repetitive and I find that the designs of the pokemon are getting worse with every generation.

  • A step back in every aspect

    Pokemon X and Y were made to look good and attract new players , however a long time fan can easily notice that the games lack in substance. With an unballanced training system and absense of challenging battles the feeling of adventure is taken away as you either have no need for training to level up or simply don't have enough opponents to train on. The story both lacks in depth and at times is unnecesarily dark and there's almost nothing to do after you finish it. In this respect X and Y are a huge step back from the previous generation games Black and White that were very strong in all of the aformetioned aspects, and the pretty graphics can't really compensate for that.

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