Is police abuse occurring more frequently because of budget cutbacks that short circuit the screening and training process?

  • Budget cutbacks are responsible for causing more frequent police abuse

    Budget cutbacks lead to a lack of efficiency in various aspects of the law enforcement institution. It is reasonable to believe that one such aspect that is effected by these cutbacks is the screening process in selecting candidates to become police officers. This can lead to the hiring of individuals that are more disposed towards violent behavior who may not have otherwise been hired had they been properly screened.

  • No, its a different reason

    Its happening because the people are in choas. The police think they have the right to push the beliefs that they are taught. They are wrong, police states are not the answer, we will never be able to accept the fact that police can do harm. I am all for diplomacy and marches not police states.

  • A culture of thugs and abuse.

    For decades, we have militarized our police force, while enacting over broad laws and increasing criminal penalties for victimless crimes. This leads to the police acting like an occupying force, which views all civilians not as citizens to be protected, but as potential enemy combatants. Potential at the best of times, in many cases we aren't even given that much consideration before they open fire.

  • I think it is just being proved more.

    I do not think police abuse is rising because of any shortcuts in training or screening. I think what is happening is that police abuse is simply being proven more, mainly because of the rise of phones with cameras. In the past, the police word was taken above the victim, but now, people are able to produce video evidence, and the police are being prosecuted more.

  • No, police abuse is happening more often due to more cameras.

    I do not think that the sudden rise in cases of police abuse is due to the budget cutback in police departments. I also do not think it is due to thee short circuit screening process either. I think it is all due to the fact that more cameras are catching some of these cases.

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