• Yes, It is

    Let's be real. The Washington post claims that 40% of people killed by police in 2019 were white, And 25% of people killed were black. But think about it, If you went on the street and closed your eyes and shot one person, The chances of that person being white are 63% and a black person 12% according to the 2010 U. S Bureau. So, According to those facts, 120 of the 990 people shot and killed by police should be black. But, 250 are. According to those facts, 639 of the 999 people should be white, But 430 are.
    Yes, White people do suffer police brutality, But the main struggle is for black people.

  • Weiner weiner sad man

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  • Police treat negros with kid gloves.

    Police have been show to be more likely to shoot other races compared to negros in america. This is because the media won't report when the victim is European, And negros will riot and the cop knows he will most likely be fired or convicted of murder if he defends himself against a violent negro.

  • All Races Suffer From Police Brutality

    I have seen Police Brutality happen to other races too. An excellent example is when things like Tony Timpa happen, It is nearly identical to what happened to George Floyd, But nobody acknowledges it, Which is pretty sad. Another one is what happened to the peaceful protester, Who was in his mid-70's, Then he was pushed down by the police, And he was white. The police just need to stop police brutality in general.

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Yamuna_Ventura says2020-09-03T04:17:13.060
I am neutral on that, But i pretty much support black people.

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