• Police Officers take advantage of how much power they have

    Police officers now know that if they commit murder, they wont get charged for it. They use deadly force when shooting someone. They should be told to shoot in the arm or legs but no more than two times. This would limit the amount of deaths they commit. But that's only my opinion

  • Yes it is

    Police brutality is indeed a problem and mainly with African- Americans because police officers (most of them) are biased toward us. I see comments saying "Put yourself in their shoes, they have a rough time." Im pretty sure being beaten to death and doing the beating are two different things and it doesn't take a genius to figure out which is worse. Overall it needs to stop because it can lead to serious and much bigger issues such as a war against the law enforcement.

  • Yes, and No.

    Here's is my opinion. I am double majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology, and so I spend most of my time studying topics such as this one. While I would say there are definitely cases where it is obvious police brutality, which we are constitutionally meant to be protected from by the 8th amendment, not all situation are brutal. While we may watch media footage of situation and blame the police for using unnecessary force, I remember watching news stories from Occupy Wall Street a few years ago when people were claiming that police brutality was an issue and being astonished. Not because of what the officers were doing, but of how they were being accused because of it. In a mob or riot situation like OWS was, it is overwhelming to the officers because of how outnumbered they are as a whole. Cops have the legal right to defend themselves if they feel that their lives are in danger. In situations where they have crowds of angry and riled up people who are throwing things at the officers, and officer may very likely feel like he/she isn't safe. In this case, an officer may pull out a taser, or a stun gun, or pepper spray. . . And someone might get tased in the face or pepper sprayed. This IS NOT police brutality. This is a police officer trying to control an unsafe situation. Police officers are here to protect us and serve us, so it is horrible to know that some officers do not hold themselves to that standard, but some of them do. But they are also required to be safe and to watch each others backs.

    Now you have situations, especially ones that have gotten a lot of media attention lately, of divisions like the NYPD who are known for their police brutality. This is a horrible thing, and unfortunately is something that supervisors brush under the rug. And while cities like NY have a higher crime rate and are far more dangerous to live in than some other cities, the police feel like this gives them a pass to be cruel to maintain order and control, and they unfortunately lose respect in the process.

  • Ask Kelly Thomas if it is a problem.

    It is absolutely an issue. It needs a national platform. This movement of police accountability, and complete reform of how police are handled when they have committed any sort of misconduct is a must. They operate with impunity. I can go on and on, but we all know what happens when an officer is accused of any wrongdoing. It has to change. They should not be allowed to break the law to enforce the law. It is asinine.

  • Just take a look at the news

    You hear about some poor guy or gal getting tazed in the face for what...Exactly? And when you hear about some tragic events like a homeless man beaten in the church he was allowed to stay at, these cops get no reprimand. A few months paid leave for an investigation.

  • They Get Away With It,

    Police knew from the start that there will be occasions in when someone might oppose to arrest, someone might call an officer bad things, but as police officers they are supposed to be the bigger person. Police should only use force when in need. I think police do what hey want to do and use the excuse of being cops to cover everything up.

  • Yes because police have no rights to attack people for no reason

    Well in my defense all cops do have some right. But they only have the rights if they see the person with a weapon or doing something wrong such as fighting stealing or driving recklessly. As well as if the cop has a warrant against the person and evidence. This evidence would have to include basic footage or pictures or actual eye sightings. Other wise this cop will be convicted of random police brutality. Now i know you all are thinking how could police brutality be stopped. There is only one way. They have to actually prove that this person is very much guilty. As stated before in the text they have to have sites or footage of the actual crime being committed.

  • Police brutality is defiling the constitution.

    With almost 6000 reports of misconduct from 2009 to 2010, 300 of which resulting in fatalities, how could it not be a problem? What if one of those fatalities was you? Or your son/daughter, husband/wife? How would you feel then? Police reform in America needs to happen NOW, before more innocent Americans die at the hands of power-obsessed pigs.

  • We have rights

    Everyone has rights against the police. The police swear to defend and protect the country yet they make everyone feel very alerted and uncomfortable to do certain things when cops are around. The videos on social media are unbearable to watch, watching our own people being beaten and even killed by police shows the injustice of how they treat people.

  • Yes and No,

    Yes because there is a lot of unreported cases and some cases are not publicize. Police get off the hook when they use the term "they feared for their life" This term can get any officer off the hook. Sometimes police officer use way too much force in some situations. No because the cases that have been publicized were criminals and have a history of stealing or violent crimes. Many officers are just trying to protect themselves.

  • Police have the right to protect themselves

    Officers leave their house not knowing whether they will survive their shift. Offenders deserve the way they are treated especially when they treat the officers like crap and resist arrest. For those who think its a problem and say put yourself in their shoes, think about the officers family. They never now when its the last day they will see them again. So don't just think about the offender, think about the officer too.

  • The POLICE are not the problem, the PEOPLE are

    It is simple: don't do stupid things. Don't rob a store with a weapon and expect not to get tackled or tazed or shot. Don't challenge the police, get all up in their face, and expect not to get pushed back. The police are doing their job, keeping the city or town safe from people who act like that.

  • Seriously it's not black and white

    Ok, So I'm watching a show about a person that goes into minority schools to talk about how to handle being stopped by the police. The stuff he said I thought was common knowledge. You have to tell people to not make quick movements or reach for your pockets? SERIOUSLY? Second I've seen that every 28 hours an African American is killed by a cop on every news network. Fact: That is a cops, "vigilant ", and security guard. Also, half of those "kills" were armed. The statistic is crap. So, What is the real problem? It is not color. It is poverty. We as Americans need to work on the education system and help people jump from lower class to middle class, but parents need to be involved. The divorce rate is threw the roof and that is a problem. Kids need both parents. If you're not married then don't have kids. If you are married then love your spouse and your kids. If you do get divorced then know your kids need both parents. Police violence is not a black and white problem. It is a poor and not poor problem.

  • You did what you did

    Face the consequences , you chose to do whatever crime you chose to do therefore you must face the force necessary to reprimand you. If you chose to resist then again the choice is yours, accept your punishment without fight or the resist that most CHOSE to do. Sorry people

  • No, it only seems like a problem because good cops don't get recognition.

    Police brutality only seems like a problem because it is so easy to film and share videos now. It is very rare for a video of a police encounter to "go viral" unless one of the parties is misbehaving. Also out of the vast majority of "police brutality" videos I've seen only a handful are actually worth getting angry over. If people uploaded videos of regular everyday police encounters I'm sure people would see it isn't as big of a problem as it seems.

    That being said, I do believe officers that are shown to be a problem should receive stricter discipline than what is essentially a slap on the wrist.

  • The Police are doing their job.

    Police brutality is not a problem. Does it happen? Yes, like anything there will always be some bad apples but the majority of officers are doing their jobs. Every time an officer has to use their pepper spray or their taser that is not police brutality. Officers are trained to meet the amount of force they are faced with. The vast majority of officers only use lethal force when they are themselves in danger of losing their lives. But, blanketing all the police officers of America saying they are all brutal is simply ignorant.

  • I support the police.

    The Police need to do certain things and everyones to sensitive! Police will do what has to be done and know one can say other wise because when something is stolen from you or you were crossed you call the cops and if somebody needs to get beaten to be taught a lesson then so it shall be! Jails in other countries are even worse then what are in America.

  • Nobody knows how hard their job is

    Police need to protect themselves too. Those of you who think they are too brutal need to wake up and realize what they go through. If I was being shot at, or had a gun pointed at me i would shoot back at them. I'm not racist I'd shoot anybody who was aiming at me.

  • No, it is isolated.

    No, police brutality is not a problem, because incidents of police brutality only happen on a limited basis. Law enforcement is under significant pressure and every person who is wrongfully arrested will cry foul. Police brutality can be a problem, but it is few and far between. Most law-enforcement officers do their jobs in an exemplary fashion.

  • Its hard enough

    Thugs run up to cops all the time with guns...And what do you expect to happen? The only response they have is to use brutal force. Afterwards, the thugs make a silly complaint about how the cops beat their child or something like that. In my opinion, cops are doing exactly what is necessary for the protection of everyone in America.

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