Is police brutality really happening more often?

Asked by: sknight0822
  • Police are abusing there power.

    We gave the police plenty of chances and they have blown over each and every one. Police think this to themselves every day '' If I have to kill people tonight I don't care because I need to get home tonight''. I don't know about you but i feel uncomfortable around cops. If I encounter a cop I smile do a quick hello and get out of there so I don't get shot for 'wasting there time while they are on there doughnut break'. If you feel safe and comfortable around cops you are in trouble. When the government up-rises against us and turns the police on us, you people will be the first to go.

  • US police are abusing their power more than ever.

    Police are above the law, they know it and we know it. I realize that this is a necessary evil to allow them to do their job, but they often take it too far. Now that so many things are captured on camera we can see that this is becoming a bigger issue with time. There are far more incidents of unwarranted police brutality than in the past. It doesn't help that they are allowed to break pretty much any law without so much as a slap on the wrist. Where's the accountability? Some cities are making it mandatory that officers wear cameras on their uniform. This is a great idea to help them become accountable for their actions. To sum it up I for one do not feel safe around the police. The fact that they can shoot and kill me at any time for no reason really makes me uneasy.

  • No, it's just shown more in the media.

    I don't know why, but the media loves to hate on cops. People think we live in an age of police brutality, but we really don't. The few instances that do happen, are now televised more times than not, so the only direct experience people have with cops, are bad ones. If you actually go out and talk to cops, they're not bad people. They just have a stressful job and generally will react with what you give them. You act like an a-hole, they'll probably be an a-hole too. Be polite, they probably will be too.

  • Media is at Work Today Harder Than Ever on the Issue of Police Brutality.

    The police and the extent of their hold on society has long been a debated subject, as has their usage of force in order to subdue resistant individuals suspected of criminal acts. However, the media as of late is placing a much larger emphasis on this purported brutality through the use of what is, at best, ostensible reporting on the subject, as well as the threadbare "race card" argument: saying that something happened to a particular individual because of their race. Despite the fact that the media have clearly taken up an agenda to make the police look like the bad guys in many of the use-of-force incidents seen on the streets of America, it is not necessarily feasible to say that the "brutality" has increased simply because there is more of it seen in media publications. If the media spent as much time examining the factors and actions of the suspect in any particular incident that led up to the use of force by police as they do in making a story as opposed to a factual report, the general public would realize that few of these incidents are legitimate brutality, and that most uses of force are actually warranted, per a 2011 Bureau of Justice report. The problem with today's generation of supposed police brutality lies not within the police forces of the United States of America, rather, within the media's brutal portrayals of the public servants of this great nation.

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Mike01506 says2014-09-11T13:43:22.893
It's clear that the American Police force is in shambles. It's the most corrupt Police force in the West, so Police brutality is part of the package.