• It's unfortunate that it's necessary.

    Yes, political correctness is a good thing because it was born out of necessity. There is a prevailing attitude of prejudice and hatred and ignorance in this country, and before political correctness became a "thing", people were rampant in their insults and slurs. Unfortunately, we need political correctness because we are not a polite society.

  • PC is GOOD

    OK, NO ONE is trying to censor you. Say what you want, but if someone doesn't like it, expect to be told. If you don't want to hear it, imagine hearing something that really offended you like the "n" word or any other derogatory word. Freedom of speech only means that the US government won't tell you what you can/ cannot say. It doesn't mean that I can't tell you you're a moron and need to STFU. Political Correctness is about being a DECENT human being. Why would you want to say things that would hurt other people? Only a sociopath would think that that's acceptable behavior. There are limits on freedom of speech, but not by the government. You CAN yell "fire!" in a crowded theatre, but if someone gets hurt, you're responsible. Try spewing hateful, racist, BS at work or in school. I'll pretty much guarantee you won't have a job or an academic career for very long after. That's got nothing to do with the government and everything to do with the fact that we, as a people, decided it's not acceptable to be horrible, racist, pieces of shit to other human beings. If you can't abide by that, then you probably are a sociopath after all...

  • Just like anything PC can be taken to stupidity, nonetheless, the right amount of PC might be a good thing.

    For how long have people called people with DS things like: Retard, mongoloids, specials, etc... To the detriment of these specific group that struggle to find a place in society?. (To acknowledge the bad situation of a specific minority is not assaulting them in any way, it is just speaking the truth of a vast representative majority) I understand how PC has some fascist overtones if taken into law, where i think doesnt belong and I do not support that idea. But if we listen to specific demographics that for the most part demands (rightfully so) to be denominated in a specific way, choosing to not give them that, is an attack. PC is not going to solve anything on its own, PC is supposed to be done passively and be supported by parental education when people learn to take care and help those other people that are in need, because a transexual woman for example should not HAVE to demand to be called by her correct pronouns and the fact that she has to demand for this and is still being denied by a large number of uneducated people just shows that she is not being given the same oportunities as anyone else because there is specific hate directed to her and people like her. And this is just an example of the many, you shouldnt detach the meaning of a word with etymological history and just use it as a knee-jerk reaction insult or whatever, you gotta be conscious about what you are saying and you should understand the power in the words you are using if you do choose to use them, that is also how we make sure words dont lose their meaning or get twisted like it happens so often.

    Also I would like to add that using correct terminology to refer to X isnt only PC but also technically correct speech that helps avoiding confusion for everyone even if you think it is stupid.

    Also I would like to add that comedy should stay out of this. The purpose of comedy as I see it is make people laugh so whatever works best to do so is what should be done no matter what. Thats kind of the point.

  • PC is A-OK

    People who hate PC are bigoted dumbasses who want to be bigoted subhumans without shame or ridicule. They are jealous of the polite, diplomatic egalitarian people who are BETTER and MORE successful than them.

    Better to conduct yourself like President Obama than a weaker, dumber, less human thing like Trump.

    Trump is weak.

  • Political correctness, contrary to popular belief, is not the devil of modern society.

    Whether you like it or not, being calm and amicable with your arguments is more likely to get results than spewing forth hatred and buzzwords that will do nothing but make the other party tune you out. In the words of Hank Green, there seems to be a political philosophy these days founded on the basis of "Offending people is fun, and you can't stop me." ... Which is, in its essence, childish.

    And it's not as if one is being dishonest or limiting themselves by being "politically correct". Synonyms for words exist, and they carry different connotations depending on which you use - while still getting the same facts across.

    Choose your words wisely.

  • It is important to respect others.

    PC Culture doesn't mean that you cant stop insulting people. You can still call people an idiot or a weirdo or whatever word you wanna use. It's about what word. If many people from an oppressed group tell you that a word is offensive, shut up and listen to them. White people have no say in whether or not the N word is offensive because they never had that experience. There are so many other words to use and ways to insult someone, you don't HAVE to say that word.

  • No, You Get over It. You're being too sensitive

    I wish those opposed to it had some alternate justification for Political Correctness other than "people are being too sensitive" or "it kills comedy" or "stereotypes are true anyways". Stop acting like PoC "scares" people into not expressing their opinions, because they do that regardless. I would say PoC culture encourages people to use their better interpersonal skills and better judgement not to offend random people who, regardless of the LAW would like an excuse to harm you. Maybe PoC culture is made to minimize the amount of animosity certain groups ALREADY feel for each other to keep things from boiling over. They aren't boiling over because PoC has caused, they're boiling over because people just want the convenience of justifying being an (unfunny, un-witty, crude, marginalizing, idiotic ) asshole. Please by all means, use your free speech. Go right up to some 6ft black male, whom I'm sure you've already labeled as a thug, and use your "free speech" to insult him. According to your stereotypes, which are just SO ON POINT, he will probably rip out your innards and feed them to you. Under the court of law he will be tried and jailed for life, if not executed, yes, and good job for you upholding the first amendment. It's just a shame (probably not) that you're too DEAD to exercise it any further. But yaaaaayyyyy you used your free speech! (not common sense or courtesy because your alt-right parents obviously couldn't have taught you those). REJOICE!

  • There's nothing bad about respect

    Political correctness is all about respect. In my opinion, there is nothing that can't be said politely. We don't have to sugar coat the bad things in the world, but we also don't have to be mean about them. Instead of yelling and throwing insults, can't we politely explain the problems with the world? There's nothing bad about being nice to others. Even if people have done terrible things, they're still people, and they should be treated as such. Again, THAT IS NOT TO SAY WE SHOULD GLOSS OVER BAD THINGS!!! It just means we should think more about how we react to them.

  • It is worth it

    It is important for people to bot be shamed while being themselves. Human beings are worth the effort it takes to be politically correct. Aren't we always told to be kind to people and work hard to include everyone? If people are politically correct, they are tolerant and understanding. Being nice, polite and inclusive is not a bad thing.

  • Political Correctness Is Important

    Political correctness is something that as a society is very important. It's crucial that when we talk about groups of people other than ourselves we are respectful because we usually can't understand the struggles that people that are different than us go through. Political correctness helps us get along with other people, and steers us away from more severe disagreements that could come from using derogatory terms against other people.

  • Political correctness is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in awhile...

    Political correctness isn't there to eliminate insults and prejudice, it mas meant to protect the thin-skinned portion of the populous that are too weak to hear them. People need to learn to take an insult. Insults aren't a good thing by any means, but not everything in life is good, not everyone is going to like you and it's about time we all accept that. The First Amendment contains one of our most basic rights, the freedom of speech. Taking words out of our vocabulary because someone feels they are offensive does not in any way fall in line with the freedom of speech. People are taking that away from us because they can't handle what we say and frankly, that's just pathetic. And you're for political correctness and that offends you, tough.

  • It's murder for comedians

    Ok so I am funny and one day these two girls in my class say that one can make chick sounds and then they make a baby chicken sound and I say oh that's what you meant by chick sounds well I can't say that one anymore because of political correctness

  • It's called the first amendment

    And I can say what I want and should not be ostracized by "social justice warriors" who I offend when I exercise my right as an American. Do you know who else limited free speech? Oh that's right, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro and every other dictator ever. That is where this country is headed with this political correctness nonsense.

  • It avoids the freedom of expressing opinions based on reality.

    How often we are chastised for saying something truthful and heartfelt only to be harshly criticized and called names for doing so. Political correctness was purposefully designed and accepted by certain groups for controlling communication of ideas, feelings, and opinions that are contrary to those groups.. An open society has no place for such control. For example, A devout Christian may accept the Biblical teaching that a man sleeping with a man as with a woman is committing an abomination. He will never accept gay marriage as sanctified by God since traditional marriage is a sacrament. Now if this person expresses his belief it is considered politically incorrect because it is contrary to the interests of a very politically active disenfranchised gay group. That group will easily refer to this person as a homophobe and a hater. Realty is, this person is neither but simply a devout Christian traditionalist pure and simple. This is reality. Our nation is diverse. Let us adopt the idea that youByou & meBme, respect each other & agree to disagree. Political correctness needs to end.

  • To "It's unfortunate that it's necessary"

    Polite is another way of saying "door mat" in most cases. This country is NOT polite, and if the founding fathers were polite, we wouldn't even be a country. For the most part, I'd say we need more people with backbones: people who aren't afraid of saying something that might be offensive for just the sake of not being offensive. Tact has no function other than sparing people's feelings which are usually too sensitive in the first place. By being politically correct, we are not being completely honest, and that dishonesty will only lead to more problems in the future.

  • Political Correctness = The Cowards Way Out

    This argument is not about pleasantries. It's about having the testicular fortitude to say what you actually feel when the time is right. If your walking past someone in a hallway there is no need to be impolite. However, if Anderson Cooper is interviewing you on PCTV (CNN) say what you feel not what is safe.

    I'll go even further and make my own Non-PC statement. I like the Rebel Flag! Not because I hate anyone, but because it stands as a reminder to the federal government that we are not afraid to fight them, politically or violently.

  • Its the most annoying thing i have ever encountered

    Do you wanna really know what you sound like when your being politically correct? You sound like a condescending jerk. People who use politica correctness call short people vertically challenged. You call a black person born in america african american when they may not have any african heritage. I actually heard someone say this. Playing pioneers and native americans is a racially insensitive game. People enjoy being mean to eachother. All political correctness does is restric our first ammendment rights by censoring what we want to say. How about you people learn to grow a thicker skin and not look to be offended?

  • Get over it

    People are obnoxious. So what? Get over it. We just need to words to express what we're feeling and being politically correct restricts that. Deal with it! People need to learn to grow up and take a punch and stop blaming the government for everything. Jeez! Grow up people! This is America, no one cares!

  • PC is BS

    The essence of political correctness seems like a decent thing, since it essentially boils down to 'don't be a jerk', which is advice I'd give anyone. No one likes a jerk. But PC has gotten so out of control that it has become a form of social engineering, as control freaks, social nanny's and thought police tell people how to talk, think and act. I myself am an American, which means I also have a 2nd amendment right to say whatever the hell I want. I choose to be a decent person and treat others with respect, I don't need some social justice warrior telling me how to behave because they THINK they're better than myself, or anyone for that matter.

  • Contrite politeness is killing our country

    The only reason PS is a thing is to keep people dull, so that nothing will get done in this country, and the government can take all our power as a people that is supposed to be running things. We give them the power by being submissive. Do people really want to be called african american when they haven't even been to africa? Why would we not call something for what it is? THIS DOES NOT MEAN PEOPLE CAN SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT. It's not about allowing people being rude. It is about having the freedom to express what something is, without worrying about how others are offended. The people who get offended will usually find something to be offended about, so why can't the rest of us just accept the fact that they are always Debby Downers? Why is it wrong for us to have the freedom to say what is necessary? PC is what created the idea of HATE SPEECH in the first place. Do your research, and stop being ignorant.

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