• It is bad

    It is bad because it is always so bad and i hate the fact that it is bad oh so bad actually the worst. So bad oh so so bad the worsst of the worst bad bad bad. I hate how it is always so so bad, The worst.

  • Totally a BIG PROBLEM

    No one in the WEST can now ask anything about ISLAM without being labelled a RACIST !! ISLAM is a RELIGION & not a RACE & should be questioned always .
    This IDEOLOGY has no place in a WESTERN DEMOCRACY without MAJOR reforms to is like the Christian Reformation of the 15th century

  • Yes, The Term "PC" is Derivative

    In the 90s, "political correctness" became an important buzzword in the media. However, this term has lost most of its value due to the derivative nature of the debate surrounding the importance of treating groups with equality and respect. The term suggest that in order to be "correct" and look good politically, one should use proper words and speech. However, this is not the true reason to treat other groups with respect. The fact that many Western societies are based on the systematic abuse of minority groups is indisputable. As a result, being PC is simply a way that oppressors make themselves feel better about their past actions. A far better term for the concept which "PC" is meant to discuss is "social justice", because the term implies that a crime has occurred already and the actions of the future should be designed to remedy that crime.

  • We can't say what we need to.

    Yes, political correctness is a problem in today's world, because people are afraid to speak the truth. If anyone dares criticize Obama, they are told that they are a racist. If you criticize Hilary Clinton, you are a sexist. People cannot say what they have to when they are constantly accused of stepping on toes.

  • Yes, people cant express themselves

    Its very difficult to have a meaningful conversation when people cant say what they really feel about a subject. Political correctness prevents people from saying things that may not be deemed proper. As a result, we can't get to the bottom of many issues, particularly hot-button issues, because everyone is so afraid of offending the other person.

  • Yes, political correctness is a problem today.

    I think that political correctness today has gone out of control in terms of the social media and public. I think there is way too much attention being paid to make sure that there is not even the slightest chance that somebody is offended. It is important people realize that everybody needs to just accept that life isn't always going to protect you from getting your feelings hurt.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe political correctness is a problem in today's world. I believe most people are wary enough to watch what comes out of their mouth. I believe political correctness should just be considered a form of politeness. I think speaking appropriately should always be held in a high regard.

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