Is political correctness and social justice undermining the purpose and hilarity of comedy?

  • Yes political correctness is damaging. It should only become a problem if it is antisemitic.

    It's funny if it's about Christianity or Islam. Judaism and Zionism are off limits from comedy. Lots of comedians are Jews or mischlings or part Jew and sometimes they are heckled with oppressive remarks on our Jewish background. We're often insulted for how we own banks too big to fail or media positions such as CNN or FOXNEWS or MSNBC and so on. This heckling does not stop there. We get called out for being cultural marxists in academia and universities. We know Marxism and Judaism are interlinked but so what? Political correctness has its place. What is so terrible about being sensitive and kind to the Jewish community. Absolutely nothing. We teach students to be aware of issues that worry Jews and warning signs that indicate oppression by Whites. We all know what happens when Whites get angry. We get scared and we have to pack up and leave. This is why we push Holocaust lectures onto young grade schoolers.

  • Sensitivity is becoming ridiculous.

    As I see it, In days from no longer than a decade or two ago. Comedy was at its pinnacle with the likes of staple comedians (ex. Chappelle, Seinfeld, Dunham, Etc. ) performing live in sold out arenas with hilarious skits that made satire of everything from race to religious tradition.

    But now with the world we live in, We have become overly sensitive to comedic criticism which has no serious discouraging intent. And now the pool of comedians has worn thin, And all that is left is comedians who really just echo the same sensitive and progressive rhetoric.


  • Non PC comedy is still out there.

    Sure they might not be on TV/Radio as often anymore but they are still out there. It's just up to people to go out the buy tickets to the shows, Buy their DVDs, Listen to their podcasts.

    The main thing comedy of any kind of survive is a audience, If you want a certain style of comedy, Go and find it.

  • No people just have no talent

    You can be funny and not even touch on areas of race or other "sensitive issues". What the problem is that some people just go overboard in the deep end and way over the line.
    Take south park. Some things from them are funny but then they make it a point to bash everything because nothing is sacred to them and that to me is a cheap one trick pony.
    Make fun of Christians funny, Purposely make fun of them multiple times and insult them without being funny. Not laughing.
    Then you have the adventures of gumball which to me is way more funnier because they know humor and do not make it a mission to insult Christianity as many chances as they can get.
    You can be funny and make snide remarks about race and religion and joke about it but don't go overboard for the reason to be confrontational. It like this dude I know who told this not funny racist joke and then would not stop telling more racist joke, It not funny and that is the only jokes you have?

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