• Political correctness could be considered McCarthyism lite.

    No one wants to be offended or insulted, but there comes a time when people have to be allowed to state their opinion in a civil and understandable way. A key example is gay marriage and the inability to object to it. So many times people equate saying no to fundamentals as hatred toward race or culture. In most cases people do not hate the people and do not wish them harm but they do not want to acknowledge the change in the definition of marriage. However if this point is stated then that person celebrity, political figure, or average Joe will get crucified and will be themselves forever judged on the stage of world opinion. Now, while they are not looked to be put in prison for their differing opinions they can be turned into social pariahs and blacklisted from social gatherings as hate mongers and intolerant jerks. The truth is to have a differing opinion then one of complete liberal thinking is viewed as hate speech and unenlightened thinking.

  • Emotional Hypersensitivity leads to Emotional Hyper-Reactivity

    From within the womb to throughout the world, the vitiated ecosystems are less supportive of the ability to be hale and hearty, sane and stable, adaptable, tolerant and well-adjusted. The effects of constantly emitting synthetic chemicals and man-made sources of EMF into the ecosystems takes its toll on everyone. The ills of society, including political correctness are symptoms.

  • Persecution on Non-Conformists

    Anyone who fails to conform to PC risks alienation, loss of employments, fines, and potential imprisonment. When adherence to religious beliefs are viewed by both PC and Laws to be intolerant, all who fail to conform will understand the persecution felt by the victims of the Joseph McCarthy witch hunts of the 50's,

  • No more posting

    Just finished an 8-hour class at work.
    I am no longer supposed to post "questionable images or statements".
    These have been defined as:
    -Horse play with my Wife as it may show a propensity for male dominance over Females.
    -Images of me at a party with with other adults, with what may be construed as an adult beverage. It supposedly shows support for underage drinking and DUI
    -NO images of your children in a tub with bubble beards and goatees. May show pedophile tendencies.
    -NO politically charged statements (like this comment, or open forum statements i the local newspaper). May be construed as hate speech
    I could go on, but won't except to say that it is a good thing we have PC. It really is saving the world.

  • Yes, political correctness is unspoken but required.

    Yes, political correctness is the new McCarthyism, because it is so important to be politically correct. For a person's political career, it is very important that a person say the right things. Like McCarthy, a person's political career can be offended if they offend someone. It is important to be careful with words and allow campaign managers to control everything that a candidate says.

  • Yes, McCarthy was about preserving America, and PC to destroy it

    Political Correctness is damaging to society. It limits speech and gives greater rights to the minorities, so as not to offend their beliefs and/or choices. The flip side of this is the damage to the majorities position and beliefs. Joe McCarthy was actually correct, Hollywood and university are hot beds of leftist ideology and are successful propaganda machines that Stalin and Goebbels could only dream about. From pro gay films and TV shows to promoting the Myth of man made Global Warming. Stifling rational debate and opposition is part of the leftists grand dream for america, by slowly whittling away rights, in the name of protection from offensive, is really a prevention of criticism of the left.

  • Yes, but at least not on as large a scale.

    Back when McCarthyism ran rampant in America, anybody who was deemed a Communist or similarly a "Pinko" was persecuted. However, I don't see a lot of Americans following Politically Correct logic either. However, I do see its rise on the horizon. We can make modern day comparisons, like:

    - Persecution based upon affiliation or sympathy with Communist parties.
    - Movement(s) dedicated to said persecution.
    - Desire to suppress said parties.

    Political Correctness
    - Persecution based upon affiliation or sympathy with groups and parties who don't like feminism or other politically correct ideologies.
    - Movement(s) dedicated to said persecution (Sh*tRedditSays, Feminist groups, etc.)
    - Desire to suppress said groups or parties.

    You can easily make connections when you observe their actions as a collective.

  • Political Correctness Differs Greatly From McCarthyism.

    While it is very annoying to be demonized for speaking in a certain matter, McCarthyism was far more extreme. You can end up in a sensitivity seminar for calling someone a queer, you would be treated like poison if you were linked to the Communists. McCarthyism also relied greatly on false information of non-existent political affiliations. I do not see a "big lie" like Joe McCarthy was pulling.

  • No, it isn't

    The reason people get labeled as homophobes for opposing gay marriage is because in the middle of stating they're against it they relate it to bestiality. This specifically has happened. People aren't immediately called homophobes for opposing it if they give a (and I use this term very loosely) rational reason why. It's not McCarthyism, there's a difference between "thinking ___ makes it much more likely you are a ____" and stating you think something making alarms go off in people's heads. Political correctness is getting ridiculous but it's its own thing.

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