• yes it is

    Yes, I do think that it is a good way to get change when you use radical ideas, like those that Ted Nugent use today. I think that these kinds of ideas are really good for getting people excited about something and make them want the things to get changed.

  • an effective method

    I personally agree, One of the best known and most important political slogans of the early Women's Liberation Movement in which I was involved in the middle 1960s claimed that "the personal is political." That phrase was honed in reaction to struggles within the 1960s social movements out of which the Women's Liberation Movement first emerged. It captured the insight that many of what were thought to be personal problems possessed social and political causes, were widely shared among women , and could only be resolved by social and political change.

  • It doesn't work.

    No, political radicalism is not an effective method to effect political change, because most of the time the radicals are seen as radicals and they do not make much of a difference. Obama has had a lot more influence on the world as a mainstream politician than his friends in the Weather Underground have ever had.

  • Quite the opposite

    Look at radicals like Ted Cruz. His catering to morons earned him a cushy job and he's doing quite well for himself, but are the values his fringe supporters have being taken any more seriously? All it's doing is calling attention to how nuts they are, it's not making the overwhelming majority more supportive of them.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe political radicalism is an effective method to obtain political change. I believe when a candidate or a politician tries to use political radicalism it is almost always sure to fail. I believe this type of method can win a person all new enemies because their causes take precedence and it usually means they aren't willing to compromise.

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