• Learning Politics is Good for Students

    Yes, learning about politics and the political system is good for students as the political system affects their lives just as much as it does adults. The sooner a child is informed of the political system, the better prepared that child will be to participate in that system as an adult.

  • Political reality: Politics is reality.

    Look, I really wish we lived in a less polarized society but we don't. The fact of the matter is that politics are very much a part of our national fabric now and sending students out into the world without a working knowledge of them does everyone a disservice. Also, learning about politics might actually teach students the art of compromise, a skill most of current leaders lack.

  • Politics are not used for students

    If the mind set of students is full of politics they form as a team and they tease other student their books , and their skin is filled with so many waste matter and diagrams in the age of students we have to read hard , at the age teenager (after 18 years )

  • My personal Opinion

    Politics are good to learn about the system but with the opinions of students forms in their heads of which politician is good and which politician is bad. Take Trump for example. Before the election everyone at my school HATED him for all reason that they thought of. This led to arguments and prospering friendships to break in an instant thanks to their political beliefs.

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