Is politics the biggest factor in climate uncertainty?

  • Yes, because the data is overwhelmingly certain.

    To put it more accurately, big business interests which exert enormous political pressure are the biggest factors in climate uncertainty. The scientific data is vast and uncompromising: climate change is a sure thing and human activities have a definite impact. The only uncertainty exists in the minds of those who listen to propaganda efforts funded by business interests which potentially stand to lose money if the proper regulations were put into place.

  • Politics is the only factor.

    What a joke. First it was 'Global Warming'. Then it was 'Global Cooling'. Then it was 'Climate Change'. Now 'Climate Uncertainty'. The only thing certain is that the weather is being used to strip us of our rights, our money and our sovereign nation by evil men and women who want a world socialist government.

  • No.

    As the other poster stated, it is science. Science is, and always will be, the driving force behind scientific issues. The climate and it's intrinsic properties of changing most certainly fall under that. If people could just manage to ignore the constant droning on from the politicians, something could actually manage to get done.

  • No, science is.

    Politics do weigh largely in the arena of climate uncertainty, as they do with anything. But the biggest factor, as it should be, is science. Politicians just blather on about what they think will get their constituents to re-elect them, and do not let things like facts get in their way. Science is the only way to successfully determine what should or shouldn't be done about the climate.

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