• Polygamy Is Unequal

    “Unequal”. As an adjective – Not equal in quantity, size, or value. As a noun – A person or thing considered to be different from another in status or level. A couple prevalent synonyms would be – uneven or irregular. By definition a polygamist, (and the nature of polygamy itself) is not equal in size or quantity to the norm. Furthermore, a polygamist would certainly in most circles, be considered “different”, if not for more than the sake of argument. The basis for the question is quite clear. Is polygamy unequal? Well, since there is an obvious imbalance of partners within structure, then it meets the criteria of “not equal in size or quantity”. Pretty safe to say that an anonymous poll taken countrywide would also indicate a large percentage of folks would deem a polygamist as “different”. There we got 2 out 3, which even in Congress will get you a veto. So, toss out all this theory about what is right, or what is wrong with society, whether polygamy is ethical or unethical, or how we should be more concerned with this or that. Polygamy is “unequal”. Plain and simple.

  • Yes it really is.

    Not only is polygamy inherently unequal, its completely unethical in nature. People that have husbands and wives shouldn't have sexual tendencies with another especially, when that person has a wonderful wife, husband, has kids and has been loyal to said person. I know that this is a free country and all, but there should be a law that bans polygamy in states.

  • Yes polygamy is unequal.

    I think that it is a very good argument that polygamy is indeed unequal at its very core. A marriage between one man and one woman is about valuing that one woman with all your heart. To marry multiple women means you are splitting up your love with others and this is bad.

  • Unequal by human nature

    Humans are incapable of something as noble as equality. Sure it's a nice idea but due selfishness, greed, envy, lust, etc, it's impossible. It's even more evident in a polygamy. Someone is bound to feel as if they are treated unfairly in a polygamous relationship. Someone might want more attention and in turn another might be neglected. It turns into a big dispute and everyone's left bitter and unsatisfied.

    Polygamy and equality. Good in theory. Humans? Terrible at execution.

  • Not all Polygamy is Polygyny

    Polygamy means more than two people are involved. That can including polygyny (one man, multiple women), polyandry (one woman, multiple men - practiced traditionally in the East and usually involving brothers, as well as multiple women & multiple men, or three or more men only, or three or more women only.

    Let consenting adults decide for themselves what marriages they will enter.

    It is perfectly legal for a 19-year-old woman from a poverty background to marry a 75-year-old billionaire CEO. Is that equal?

  • No it's not; And Looser Norms About Family Construction Is Necessary For Liberty and Future Reproduction

    What if they are all gay? Or what if it's 1 woman, several men? Polygamy is not inherently unequal and besides that unequal relationships exist everywhere in society. Should we become communist and try to rid our society of all inequality? Should S&M be illegal because it is typically unequal? As long as the adults are consenting to the relationship that's the only issue. People can agree to unequal relationships. People still do that in plenty of regular marriages where one spouse holds more of the power. As to what you think about whether he should be sleeping with other people, that's up to the people in the relationship NOT you. There are already married monogamous couples that practice swinging and open marriage. What matters is the agreement that people come to in their relationships. People shouldn't have to conform to a certain agreement style just because you don't understand how someone could want another one. When we don't understand that's when we should be least willing to impose on other people.
    Furthermore, there's no reason for the government to privilege romantic relationships over platonic ones but the word "marriage" and its cultural connotations do exactly that. Legally we should only have civil unions, and that should be able to include a whole commune of adults if that's the arrangement they come to. A great deal of benefits will have to be modified depending on number to prevent abuses like getting green cards or immunity from testifying, but it should be done. I think in the future people need to be able to feel freer in the sorts of relationships they pursue. Communes, especially. The demographic transition is limiting reproduction because people decide to focus on careers and their lives rather than have children. If you have 4 adults raising kids together they can split up the childcare duties and still have time for these other things. Loosening norms about family construction is going to be necessary for future reproduction. It's my family and my life anyway so is anyone else to tell me how to do it?

  • It is equal for those in it.

    Who would it be unequal to? In a polygamous relationship, either spouse could have more than one partner, so it is not unequal for those who practice it. Both sides could have more than one partner. Those who are in a polygamous relationship choose to be so and therefore must feel equal is one way or another to the other in the relationship.

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