Is Pope Francis a model of what religious leaders should be?

  • Pope Francis is a model of what religious should be

    People certainly have their complaints about Pope Francis, but I believe he is a model of what religious leaders should be. He is calm, kind, peaceful, and maintains being a leader while remaining humble and a follower of the Lord. I am not a part of the Catholic church, but I truly believe this man is doing a great job at being a religious leader.

  • He seems like a good guy BUT

    As I am sure Francis would agree, he is not the model himself, only
    Jesus is the perfect, model religious leader. Francis is bound up in
    human religious politics as head of a very hide-bound organization
    with conflicting schools of theological thought with traditional values uppermost. He is finding that much-needed change in his church is hard & slow going against established traditions. So, even
    if his own head were undoubtedly in the right place scripturewise,
    he would not have the supreme authority to enact change, as Jesus

  • No, he is not assertive.

    No, Pope Francis is not a model of what religious leaders should be, because he is too afraid to be bold enough to take a hard line on social issues that matter. There are several issues upon which the Bible is very clear, and the Pope is too afraid to tell people that there are things they should not do.

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