• He is definately trying!

    I think Pope Francis is trying not just shove the crimes under the carpet, and is trying to make things right. I am glad that he is putting it out in the open and meeting with the victims instead of trying to pay them off. I think the more information that he can gain the more it is likely to prevent it in the future.

  • New Pope progressive on helping sex abuse victims

    Pope Francis is taking a very hands on and progressive approach in helping victims of sexual abuse. The Pope's departure from old time Catholic practices dealing with this subject. No longer is the Church of Rome taking the "sweep it under the rug" approach to an issue that has plagued it's existence for so many years.

  • They do not care.

    No, Pope Francis is not better at helping sex abuse victims, because all he is doing is giving better lip service to it. Until they allow the priests to marry, they are always going to have problems with the priests. They know this, and they still haven't done anything. They only care about how it looks.

  • No, he is not trained to deal with the psychological repercussions the victims face after sexual abuse.

    No, Pope Francis is not better at helping sex abuse victims. As good as his intentions are, these people have been through an emotionally scaring ordeal that requires a strong support system and professional psychological help. Not all sex abuse victims belong to the Catholic church, so they may not all respond favorably to his outreach. The repercussions of sexual abuse can be life long for the victims that need to be taught how to cope. There are many support groups, psychologists and doctors specially trained to help people who have been sexually abused and have been proven to be effective.

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