• He is a good advertiser

    Pope Francis is a PR victory. He makes the bigotry and immoral stances of the Catholic Church seem virtuous, by sounding kinder. At least Pope Palpatine was upfront about his homophobia and bigotry. This pope also hasn't prosecuted the pedophile priests. His sweet talk means nothing until he does so. The Catholic Church is an organization dedicated to the intellectual slavery and scientific ignorance of humanity and should be treated accordingly. Before you lecture me about their charity, let me remind you a rapist who donates, is still a rapist.

  • For Non-Catholics, yes.

    Pope Francis is certainly too conservative for non-Catholics, but whether he's too conservative for Catholics remains to be seen. They seem to be very pleased with his poverty commitment, but there are so many additional issues facing the church, and his conservatism might not serve modern day Catholics very well. Also, I'm not sure how one who is so committed to poverty truly reconciles the wealth of such an institution as the Vatican.

  • He is conservative.

    This pope doesn't seem as conservative as prior popes and seems down to earth opposed to these cardinals who want to live the high life on the people's donations, but Pope Francis is opposed to gay marriage. Opposition to gay marriage is highly conservative as he's trying to conserve old prejudices.

  • Yes Pope Francis is too conservative, he does not believe in gay marriage.

    I think the Pope is too conservative if he does not believe in gay marriage, it is a different era and his mindset might be outdated. I think people are straying away from Church mainly because of this type of mindset, I think the Pope should accept all types of people no matter who they love.

  • He has shown he is not as conservative as his predecessors.

    He has shown he is not as conservative as his predecessors. Not only has he chosen a name that has never been used before, but he also did not give a speech like the others before him did. He is attempting to bring the Church back to the basic gospel and is focusing on the poor and those in need, which is why he chose to be named after Saint Francis.

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