• Popularity can be defined in many ways.

    According to dictionary.Com, popularity is defined as the favor of the general public or of a particular group of people. I used to go to a regular public school. I had friends, but it was a little difficult because I would be friends with people from different cliques. So I never fit into one group. I was a little quieter at school than I actually am.
    I took a test and got into an international academy. I have gained so many amazing friends and met so many different people. With a lot of smart kids who have interests like me in sports, so I really do feel like it is exactly where I belong.
    I think popularity is feeling like you belong somewhere, and however many people, or wherever you are. I don't think aspiring to be popular is a negative thing. I feel like everyone strives for some degree of popularity, or place and people to make them feel welcome.

  • It can be.

    Obviously, it depends. But under certain circumstances,it could be. If people like what you are doing and the way you present yourself, as long as you hold the premise that people are innately "good"in deed and in word, then popularity is not a bad thing. Of course there are exceptions to this.

  • What really is popularity????

    When you think about it the "popular" kids are often quite mean they are normally quite intimidating. As a young student I experience the presence of the popular kids every day and ican honestly say ALL of them are horrible to kids that just want to get on with school.. I wouldn't call them popular i would call them egotistical bullies..

  • You should beware :-o

    As a kid, my family moved a lot, and I thus went to a lot of schools and found myself constantly in the process of trying to find myself amongst new friends. Despite always being myself ( a funny, outgoing, artsy, athletic, preppy dressing band nerd), I experienced both worlds: I was one of the popular kids at half of the schools, but then at others, I was more or less an outcast or fell somewhere in between. If I were trying to be "popular" at the school where I didn't fit in as well, I wouldn't have been being true to myself; as the "popular" kids there, didn't have the same views or interests as me. It's of course, NORMAL to want to feel liked by people, but it's not something you can control. So to aspire to be "popular" is to aspire to only be like by those particular people in that group; which should be a natural thing. If they like you, they like you! If they don't, they don't! People should never try to be friends with someone just because they have a certain "status." That's not being a very good friend to start, nor is it being true to yourself. Search for TRUE friends! People who will like you for you, just as you are. If they are in the "popular" group, great! If they are in the "weirdo" group, great! You will learn as you get older, real friendship is all that matters. So try to stop thinking about "groups" as "popular, weird, etc." and instead think about the people that makes them as INDIVIDUALS who have their own thoughts and emotions. They are only "groups" because they are "friends" who have had experiences together. The "popular" kids didn't get together THINKING to make anyone who hasn't had those experiences with them as "outsiders." Try to think of it like this: You and your friends went on a secret roller coaster ride and want to spend all day talking about it. Now someone else that didn't ride the ride with you and you don't know so well, wants you to talk about it with you as if they were there with you. What would you think of them? If you are trying to hang out with people you haven't had experiences with, they too will think you're strange! Don't do that! :-X And when you grow up, you'll see NONE of that "popular" or "weirdo" drama matters. So aspire to find true friends. Aspire to accept yourself and take pride in your own thoughts despite what everyone else thinks. Aspire to find your own unique talents and interests (outside of your school world) as there is a even BIGGER world outside of where ever it is you are, that can't wait to experience what YOU have to offer.

    "When you stop thinking about what everyone else "thinks," THAT'S when you truly start living!" :-)

  • A conditional NO

    I'm going to say no but it's more of a subjective no. I also believe that popularity can be beneficial depending on what you want to achieve. Popularity is beneficial (and so therefore you would go out of your way to become more popular) in these situations (for example, and not an exhaustive list):
    - To get others to help you with a task; whether that task is physical (eg, moving something heavy), or mental (eg, figuring out the best way of doing something).
    - To overthrow the government. A single-person revolt tends to have less impact.
    - To have more friends to use as sounding boards to help you figure out your own problems without relying on just a couple of friends who would quickly get bored with you.
    - You have the advantages that come from having more contacts. For instance, with more friends, when you lose your job, you're more likely to have a friend offer you another job or know someone who is looking for someone. You can also share resources like knowing someone that has a truck you can borrow to move house.

    Now on the negative side (ie, why it's better to not be popular):
    - You can do things in new innovative ways that other people didn't think of because they're all following each other and doing things the conventional ways.
    - You have more time free to get more done. You're spending less time socialising to maintain your friends and get interrupted less by friends wanting you to do things for them.

    Even though there are less points in the negative, for me (this is subjective), the negative points hold more value and so add up to more. It all depends on what you want.
    Overall, I think if you are at the bottom and have few of your own resources then it's beneficial to be popular but if you have the resources and want to get things done then it's better to not be popular. I personally like not having friends so that I can get more work done without interruptions. Virtual friends online are better because I can choose when I want social interaction and when I want to be left alone so I can work.

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