• Yes, it is addictive.

    Pornography is not a good thing at all. It has been the cause of relationship breakup and some have termed it as more addictive that hard drugs. Children who have been exposed to pornography at early age experience psychological damage that may show up in later years. It should be discouraged at all cost.

  • No, as a generalization, pornography is not a bad thing.

    Sex work and all its many job paths is a part of life and I'm not sure how humanity would cope with the consequences if all facets of the sex industry were simply eradicated. That said, with the invention of better, faster technologies, pornography is more widely accessed and can certainly be a bad thing for many users if it leads to poorer interpersonal communication skills or to outright addiction.

  • No, pornography is not a bad thing

    No, I do not believe that pornography is a bad thing. In assuming that all parties involved are treated professionally and all acts are consensual then it is not a bad thing in practice. Therefore, the only bad that can come from it is a lack of sexual education that creates a misunderstanding about realistic sexual expectations and behaviors.

  • Pornography Reduces Violent Sex Crimes

    It has been shown throughout the rise of the internet, that as individual states adopted the internet, violent sex crimes were reduced by up to 7%. Meanwhile other violent crimes remained at the same rate as before. This leads to the conclusion that internet pornography can reduce the amount of violent sex crimes.

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