• Yes, for Women.

    Yes, pornography affects all women, and objectifies women, and puts them down in a degrading way, and for that reason, it is a civil rights issue for women. It should be taken very seriously into consideration in terms of whether or not it should be allowed, and if so, what restrictions should be placed on it. If the majority of pornography featured CEO's, you can bet that it would be considered a civil rights issue. Why should women be treated in such a degrading way?

  • People have the right to make pornography.

    Yes, pornography can be deemed a civil rights issue. The freedom to participate in pornography should be allowed. Though some people find it to be an objectionable industry, those that wish to participate should be allowed to, albeit with regulations regarding health and safety practices. Those people who do not wish to participate or view pornography do not have to.

  • All forms of making money through sex should be legal.

    Pornography, Prostitution, and anything else that is related should be legal. Some women are so stupid that is the only way they will ever make money. If all of this was legal, there would be no need for sex slavery (probably). These things should be supervised and protection must be used, and there needs to be certain classes. 1. People with the same std's should sleep together. 2. People with no STD's should be forced to use birth control and protection. 3. Women who may accidentally become pregnant while prostituting should have the choice to keep the baby or release it to the father. 4. Fingerprints should be taken of people who would like to pay a prostitute. 4. 100% of the profit should go to the prostitute. The civil rights issue is that all of this is 1. civil rights 2. freedom of expression. Just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean you should prevent others from doing it. - think about the guns, think about the guns...

  • Denying access to pornography is a freedom of expression issue.

    While pornography may seem distasteful or degrading to some women, pornography is not a civil rights issue. Women are not being forced to engage in pornography nor to watch it. They choose to do so. Making pornography illegal would impinge on a person's freedom of expression, which is an even greater civil rights travesty.

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