• It is adultery.

    I don't know why 100% of the people say it isn't. The meaning of adultery is lusting over another person. If you think that you can watch porn and not lust over that person you are sadly mistaken. I would never marry a man who was involved and addicted to porn. He is cheating on me at that point. He is lusting over another woman. Why is that so hard for people to understand. It is adultery.

  • Pornography is adultery.

    One of the Ten Commandments in the Bible very clearly states "You shall not commit adultery". Adultery is defined as anything other than leading a sexually pure and decent life in all that we say and do. (Watching and producing pornography too.) Yes, being "unfaithful" to your significant other is also included.

  • Yes It definitely is!

    I am currently getting a divorce because my husband chose porn over me. I begged him to stop and was promised so many times that he would. It is demoralizing and creates the most awful mistrust and insecurity. I'd love to see any happy marriage that has survived when one spouse chooses ANYTHING over the other spouse.

  • To me porn

    Is cheating because you are looking at another person's body admiring it and lusting for them. You look at the videos of the people that you are attracted to. You are not going to look at skinny women if you are attracted to fat women, you're not going to look at white women if you are attracted to black women. You look at the women you find to be sexy. You are looking at a woman who is not your wife in a sexual way. That to me says cheating and I don't care if it is on a computer or television, you are still looking at another woman admiring her.

  • Of Course It Is

    When one gets married to someone or is in a serious relationship they have committed to one person. If a person cannot stay committed to that one person maybe they need to rethink the relationship. Porn is watching two OTHER people engage in sexual acts which is lust. If someone agrees to watching it, I suppose that is their business but we all know that is often not the case. Most porn addicts cannot turn the stuff off which is addiction and in many cases, the other partner (usually women) have a serious problem with it. Yet the person addicted to porn will sneak around or try to justify it. If you are sneaking around watching others have sex and know your partner is against it, without question it is adultery and the addict is trying to justify his or her actions.

  • From experience, this is what I know...

    I'm not so sure today's easy access to porn has been a good thing. If a couple in a committed relationship agree on the terms of what's acceptable/not acceptable as it pertains to pornography that's fine. When one person is writing their own rules and being secretive, lying and delving into other sexual venues..That's a problem. Not sure it's the pornography as much as the individual and their behavior issues.

  • Regardless if you are religious or not, pornography is adultery

    At least according to the biblical definition of adultery, which is what most people think of when we think of the word, "adultery." For those who don't know, adultery is defined as having sexual relations with someone other than your wife/husband. This is in the vast majority of Internet porn. Adultery can also occur between the viewer and the actress. In Matthew 5:28, Jesus says "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart." (New International Version)

  • Porn is cheating!

    I think that it is cheating because you are being intimate with another woman. Sex is special to me with my boyfriend and I feel horrified at the thought of ever being with another guy. I know porn is very fake but it's still having lust and wanting other woman and getting off/orgasming to someone that is not your partner and it really makes you feel horrible. I think cheating is not only physical if you are emotionally hurting over the same sorts of feelings/issues then it can be just as bad. Why are you with someone if they are not good enough for you and you need fake porn stars to be sexually satisfied?

  • Adultery is a Legal Term

    What does the law say. Adultery is sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than the spouse. Religious views are outside the law, but are mostly buff and bluster. Put it to the test! Go to any pastor and say that you are watching porn and you want to know if you have committed adultery.

  • It is my opinion that pornography does not constitute adultery.

    Looking at pornography is not on par with an illicit relationship or an affair because, while the party involved is not entirely faithful in all ways, they are not engaging with an actual person. They are engaging in a fantasy that will probably never happen in real life. So I say no, it is not.

  • Not At All

    Adultery involves cheating on your significant other. You cannot dot that while watching porn. You usually are not having any type of physical contact with another person, so watching pornography should not be classified as adultery. If it is, then many people are committing adultery around the entire world everyday.

  • I really don't consider it adultery

    Adultery is when 2 person's have sexual intercourse , one is married male/ female . With one who isn't and or married other than the spouse . If adultery is just committed by just looking at the opposite sex . Then their wouldn't be too many couples married . We would all be sinners .

  • No most pornography is not adultery.

    If the pornography were about phone sex or anything else that is interactive it might be classified by some as adultery and that is understandable. But just watching something on line or on another screen or reading or looking at pictures is not adultery because it is just a personal choice of self stimulation.

  • AROUSAL isn't LUST...

    PORN is For AROUSAL through VISUAL STIMULI. LUST is the desire to have sex (coveting) with another person that you have no right to have sex with. AROUSAL by that person isn't SIN. LUST for the person is! PORN is used to get aroused or watched when aroused.

    The PROBLEM is, 99 Percent of the time, AROUSAL is Mistaken for LUST!

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MasturDbtor says2013-03-20T21:21:48.303
It really depends on your point of view but that goes for anything. If a couple agrees it's OK to sleep with other people that's not adultery either. It all depends on the agreement within the relationship.
Nimbus328 says2013-03-22T01:28:57.963
What does the law say. Adultery is sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than the spouse.