• Ever read Kamasutra?

    The things theyře doing there is pure, PURE, Art. So yes, Banging a chick, Dude, Disabled trans furry and anything in between is therefore legally considered as an art form.

    Plus, Nothing helps a man after a long day of beating nazis more than a good old hand job.

    E N D

  • Pornography is undoubtedly a form of art.

    It fits into the definition of art.
    Pornography is defined as any visual or text-based work which seeks to excite and tantalize erotic feelings or emotions for the sole purpose of sexual gratification.
    Art is defined as any tangible work that the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, Typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, Producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

    To claim this is to also claim that pornography isn't creative, Expressive, Beautiful.

    Even under that definition, Eroticism and desire are more than capable of falling into it. I see lots of new-age philosophers claim ad nauseam that sex and art are different, Which, In my opinion, Completely defeats the purpose of art if certain subjects are to be excluded when they would otherwise fit snugly into the category of what may count as art. It may not be "good" art, Or even "tasteful" art, But to discount it from the subject matter as a whole feels both disingenuous and even harmful because it singles out those who dabble in the realm of sex, Prurience, And indulgence as "not valid" and thus, A worthy target of censorship.

  • Porn can be art, However most aren't.

    Everything can be a form of art, However the most common porn, Like the ones seen on the front page of Pornhub. Com are not art. They are products, Made to as appealing as possible. In the same vein that Marvel Movies are not art, They are a product designed to make money. A girl getting skull fucked isn't art, It is something that is simply made so that people can jerk off. It doesn't invoke any thought or complex emotions, It isn't art. You don't think back on a porn you watched 2 days prior and say "Hmmmm that was really good, I really loved the way she got pounded. It really connected with me. "

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AlexDirkFreyling says2020-10-14T11:21:14.553
»Pornography means to an artist as much as ornithology to a bird. «
»Pornografie bedeutet für einen Künstler soviel wie Ornithologie für einen Vogel. «
AlexD kinkynature. Com

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