Is pornography bad for society and should its sale and distribution be banned?

  • Bad for society

    It has given me low self esteem having it pushed on me at school, work and grocery stores.

    Anorexia, self harm , stress, depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia.

    It is not 'special' or 'nice' between 2 people that love each other and makes people cynical about the opposite sex.

    Not very nice for children to see and takes the innocence from their childhood.

    Hope it goes very soon ... Not soon enough for me.

  • Many of Us Speak From Experience

    I first encountered pornography at the age of ten and have been unable usurp its control of my mind since. It has completely altered the way I view women and I often find myself completely objectifying them without considering their intrinsic value. The same can be even be said for relationships/friendships with other males. Pornography is just like any other addictive substance, in that it controls the release of endorphins. Your brain continually wants that instant release and keeps coming back to it and eventually that's all it thinks about. Sex isn't meant to be a drug, its meant to strengthen meaningful relationships. When I get that release of endorphins I don't want it to be from an often drug/alcohol addicted Barbie and Ken on the other end who suffer from mental problems who have socioeconomic problems of their own. I want those endorphins to result from a meaningful interaction with a woman I love and cherish.

  • Its lowering the human value of a women and men

    Women who do pornography should just stop. They have no moral values and disrespect themselves continuously. They are disgusting and lusting is one of the seven deadly sins. God does not want men or women lusting over the human flesh and just keep in mind that pornography is satans way of overpowering the human mind and body. It is grotesque knowing that people watch and do porn because people shouldnt desire sex. Remember luzbel the angel that fell from heaven was the angel of lust and sexual desire now known as Lucifer or satan.

  • Opinion of a recovering porn addict

    I am an addict who is trying to recover from porn. I was porn free for 3 months up until this week, and have had difficulty in avoiding it. It has ruined my understanding of what a relationship is like, has affected my current relationship with a beautiful woman, and has caused severe emotional, mental, and physical damage. I am nervous and destructive after watching porn, and use it as a means of escaping my own problems.

    Just because people have the freedom to do what they wish doesn't mean that its right. Porn is a means of using people to lure others into lusting after men and women who are doing nothing but pleasing themselves. There is no real skill required in sexual intercourse - anyone can do it, but the fact is that not everybody has the confidence/self-esteem to have sex with whoever they want or wherever they want. People like me watch porn because we avoid being rejected. Secondly, we get to see a sexual act that would normally take time happen instantaneously. However, the women we desire and men we admire treat us as window shoppers. We aren't the ones having sex - they are. Instead we are in a small dark room, secretly masturbating to a woman whose financial difficulties led her to porn, and a man without aspiration having sex with her. We avoid the problems and issues we face because we're scared. The fear of being rejected isn't there. The reality of knowing you're second best is gone, and the fact that you don't have to actually pluck up the courage to develop a meaningful relationship with someone becomes a myth. All that matters is some sex scene with a boozy and drugged up guy and girl, most of whom have devoped mental health problems because of their jobs. At 29, having failed a law degree - even I don't have a probelem picking up rubbish as a steward, but I can't imagine telling my parents I'm a porn star. For me, porn has ruined my development. Picturing myself using it is degrading. It is also emasculating, since the entire time I did it I lost a part of me I can never get back. I hope that those who face the same problems as me realize that they aren't alone, and that the same problems they face about relationships and values isn't lost

  • Bad for the soul

    Pornography degrades men and women alike. It is fake, and it gives a bad outlook to whoever has access to it. It ignites passions and desires which also could lead to the break up of relationships. Sex was given to us by God so that we can enjoy it with our husband or wife in a controlled environment.

  • Not apath of god

    Every religion bans the pornography . It is not a path of god .It suits ill in the path of god . All religious books has banned it .Sex is meant to us for reproduction not for addiction.There will be no difference between us and animals if we became addict to it in our daily life

  • There's just too much bad

    Reasons why pornography is a bad thing:

    1. Very addictive (Soucres 2,3,9) and incurable, thus exacerbates other harms
    2. Easy to access, may destroy younger victims
    3. Decreases creative capabilities
    4. Leads to erectile dysfunction
    5. Gives a terrible image of what real sex is
    6. Increases sexual assault frequencies, including rape, sexual assault, and child molestation
    7. The darker side of the industry
    8. In a 2013 survey, 66% of US adults said it is morally wrong
    9. Contributes to sexist objectification
    10. Decreased respect for long term, real relationships
    11. Can change rational thinking into extreme illegal thinking (see point 6)
    12. It often leads to sex addiction
    13. Those exposed at childhood are shown to exhibit more aggressive sexual behavior
    14. It may put lead to financial debt (see source 5)
    15. Is proven to be desensitizing to violent or harmful sex, and sex in general
    16. Is shown to have negative impacts on relationships, sexual or otherwise
    17. Is correlated to naturalist, amoralistic beliefs (in general)
    18. Is shown to be correlated to decrease in career efficiency or even cause loss of jobs
    19. Many sources find refutations to the above points to be false
    20. It is heavily discouraged by movements among religion, conservativism, feminism, educative departments, and fellow pornophobes
    21. Damages viewer's reputation
    22. Harms the user's real life
    23. Hurts not only the victim, but friends and family of the victim (source 9)
    24. Pro-pornography propaganda is made mostly by those already damaged by it
    25. Is argued by some to decrease general moral values and virtues
    26. Many of those surveyed report negative, undesired consequences (source 11)

    http://www.Porn-free.Org/porn_is_bad.Htm (While raising valid points,this one is very religious, so expect irrational minority hate)

  • It's a small issue in a much bigger problem

    All the "yes" arguments pretty much say it all. However, banning porn will not solve the problem. It's much bigger: The media, in general, awakens and nurtures this corrupting side in young people's minds. All the owners of the media and public education have an agenda which is to corrupt our youth with sexual suggestions. And unfortunately it's even bigger than that. Sad the world we live in.

  • Extremely bad for children and youth

    By watching pornography movies and videos , man lost his senses and become cruel .The rape cases today are seen are increasing due to sale and distribution of such videos. All should come forward to check this epidemic and such sites should be blocked which shows such videos .Also children are losing their moral values after watching these movies and opposing to their elders.

  • Pornography is Addictive

    To think that disgusting images control your life is pathetic. When you know that there are people who conduct their lives in order and have perfectly normal sexual lives and others who cannot resist the temptation to hide themselves to look at pornography - you can just feel that the thing is evil.

  • Let people make their own choices. This is a free country, they have the right.

    Woman should be allowed to do what they want with their bodies. These womans rights groups fight for woman to have as many rights as men do, yet they feel as though woman should not be allowed to choose that career path. Their argument is that nobody in their right mind would sign up to be a porn star, and even though the woman fill out all assortments of paper work to do so, that they should still have no right to make that decision. Also, they claim that pornography increses violence against women, when in fact there is no proof that this is the case. If anything, it keeps men content in their home, and takes away the urge to take advantage of women. And not only men use porn, women do as well. So these women's rights activists, also want to take that away from fellow women. Also, children are going to learn about sex sooner or later. I'd rather have chilren and teens satisfying these urges with porn, rather than with other children and teens. Doesn't it make sense? People, it's sex. It's natural and people are going to find access to it one way or another. When did the topic of sex become such a taboo? If you don't want to watch it, don't. But don't take these rights away from other people. Thank you.

  • Porn is a useful masturbation aid, nothing more nothing less.

    I am not a rapist or a pedophile but I look at porn about 5 times a week for 5-30min a session. I don't think there is anything wrong with masturbation, as a mater of fact I believe just the opposite masturbation is a natural healthy part of life for men and women. Where as a woman might like to read a steamy romance novel imagine some big dumb farm hand doing her while she flicks her bean or uses a toy, I like to watch some adult material and from time to time enjoy a little lube in my palm. None of this is bad.
    The idea that this is bad and will lead to something horrible is just funny to me, at this point in my life. I am convinced that majority of the 49% that are porn haters, are women who don't understand that male sexuality works differently than their own, or men who have an archaic sense of morality probably passed onto them from their family and/or church. I was that way until I got into my 20s and learned how to think for myself.

  • Is porn harmful to me? Well if my girlfriend catches me watching it then yes!

    Is porn causing psychological damage to my mind? I don't consider beautiful women doing wonderfully pleasurable things as a bad or damaging. Yes I know most women can't look like the women in the videos. I am able to discern the difference. I'm also able to discern love from sex. They are not mutually exclusive, although they can be intertwined.

    Our culture is so sexually oppressed, we have a hard time looking at the smaller pieces of the picture. Individual people need different sexual outlets. I for one will never base my sexuality on what "moral society" tells me I should do. Long live free speech.

  • Pornography is not bad for society, as people should be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they feel.

    I believe that pornography is not at all bad for society. Sex is a part of human nature, and to view the naked body is something that man has shunned for no good reason, as it is perfectly natural. People have sex all the time, and I don't see what the big deal is with putting it on film.

    Posted by: WiseEllsworth
  • Pornography should not be banned, but should be regulated.

    Adults should be able to buy pornography if they want it for personal use. This is their First Amendment right.

    Posted by: gilipunk
  • It is a form of entertainment that seems to be needed in our society.

    Why should it be banned as long as children are not used or watch it. Pornography is for adult entertainment and I see nothing wrong with adults who want to watch this in the privacy of their own homes. Sex is a healthily activity that some need visual stimulation to help them enjoy it. No one forces any one to buy or make these films so why not have them?

    Posted by: 5h4rkEmar
  • While I believe pornography is bad for society, I also believe you can legislate morality; therefore, it should not be banned.

    Pornography leads to the degradation of men and women is very subtle ways. Women just become objects of desire to men and that is costly for women everywhere. But as I stated, morality cannot and should not try to be controlled by laws. People will make choices regardless of what the law states.

    Posted by: CaIvN0t
  • Banning communication does not stop communication, it merely renders the people and conversation outside of the protection of law, aiding criminals.

    Pornography is addicting, acting on the most powerful and basic pain and pleasure parts of the brain. It's as possible to remove pornography from society and have it remain alive as it would be to remove those parts of the brain from a person and expect that they would remain alive. What you would want from a person whose brain was overwhelmed by pornography and damaging sexuality would be transparency and social support -- sunlight is the best disinfectant. Sexually deviant behavior becomes far worse when hidden, in the same way that alcohol abuse became much worse during Prohibition. The problems porn brings are real, dealing with them openly treats the real issue with the respect it needs, which making it illegal can only prevent.

    Posted by: groovybox
  • Pornography is a tasteless and despicable right afforded to every citizen.

    You may not like it or spend half your paycheck subscribing to smut
    on-line but it is pretty much the same as saying too much violence on
    television breeds violence in society. Pornography is a form of
    entertainment and probably affords more pleasure than it breeds bad
    guys. I think it is mostly dumb and gross, but have no right to take
    it away from somebody else, any more than they can take my Vivaldi, whom
    a lot of people cannot bear.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • No, banning the sale and distribution of pornography is likely to criminalize and make more widespread a behavior that seems ingrained in human nature.

    The creation, sale and distribution of pornography is morally and ethically wrong given its reification (making things) of human beings and its use of human beings as ends in themselves. (See Kant for the logic of this claim.) However, we know from the history of the prohibition of alcohol, and many of us claim from the present history of illegal drug use, that banning things that are likely to be highly desired leads to criminalization and a more demonic problem than the thing itself posed to begin with. Monitor, control and tax the use of such things -- it's more socially productive (and less expensive) in the long run.

    Posted by: baltute

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instantfeed says2013-12-05T19:01:10.710
Some would say that women are free to do what they want to do with their body but irony is those women are polluting the whole society since high school girls face peer pressure of having sex by their friends they may or may not like it but in the end they feel the guilt somewhere, attempt to rapes are by product of pornography since all women are not same all men are not same each person react differently to porn and some maniacs end up raping someone, pornography also affect family relations if parents are not willing to allow their children to move into porn industry some of them get separated in their early years and regret their whole life just because they found porn amusing way back, porn also made women a product so those who talk about women liberty and side by side advocate porn are conflicted in their own point of view take an example of a smoker who smokes in public as a result he is causing problems to others in-spite of being very liberal in himself same applies to porn if a porn star is performing a porn act just for money and the teen girls who are watching it will affect their own personalities unknowingly and some of them will degrade being a porn star by themselves and regret later on. For the girls who boast about a good life being a porn star are actually faking because definitely they may not end up in a happy married life, but as you know people just talk about the exceptions to prove their point and forget the rest.
kbub says2014-03-16T06:01:43.533
I'm pretty sure that's two questions. They call that a "double-barreled" question.