• It's degrading to everyone

    Yes, I would agree that pornography is degrading, but not only to just men, but to humans in general and anyone exploited in it. Pornography exploits something that should be sacred and only shared between two very loving people in a long-term, committed relationship. Pornography is a great problem in our society.

  • Yes, but it is their choice.

    Any man or woman who does pornography is making the choice to do it. Yes, of course it is degrading to men and women alike. They can't complain though. They have a mind of their own and they can choose to pick a different job choice. They don't have to have sex with women for money. As far as I am concerned it is no different than prostitution.

  • I can't see why

    Simply stating that sexual intercourse is sacred is a reason which seems to be fraught with tautology (sexual intercourse is sacred because it is). Furthermore, I have yet to encounter an argument against pornography that does not include tautology or religious reasoning. Therefore, I have no legitimate reason to believe that pornography is degrading to men.

  • Obviously Not Degrading

    It has been said that sex is something sacred between a couple. I do not find that this is what sex should be defined as, but this statement goes to what someone's particular opinion about what sex is. I personally see sex as the act of intercourse between two consenting parties. It can be said that my opinion of what sex is objectively right or wrong just as is the same with all views on sex: there is no objective something to tell us clearly or accurately about what sex is or is not.

    Now with porn, it is a profession that degrades no one. It is completely up to the individual as to whether or not they will watch porn and whether or not they will draw any judgments about themselves or a specific gender from porn. If people find it degrading that there is a video on the internet of two people having sex then that is there opinion. I personally don't find it degrading as it serves a purpose and is completely optional in every way.

    In a more blunt way of phrasing things; seeing people have sex is not wrong. Being paid to produce a move with sex is not wrong. The only thing wrong about pornography are the unjustified assumptions people make about the actors, companies and observers. It's up to the individual to decide what is degrading to them; it is not for your or anyone else to decide what people should find offensive or degrading.

  • Pornography is not degrading to men.

    Pornography in nearly all its forms is for men, therefor it would seem unlikely the producers of pornography would want to degrade the consumers it is made for. Even more unlikely is the notion that men would pay for, and find satisfying pornography which degraded them except in a specific genre or fetish.

  • It's a job

    As sleazy as you find porn, it's a job like anyother. Their actors, but instead of some lame movie about some bad@ss ex special forces soldier, which is like all of today's action movies, they have sex. It's only as degrading as you find sex, and before any of you say it's an easy job, watch Louis Theroux's documentary on porn.

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