• Yes,pornography is different than prostitution.

    Pornography is different than prostitution. Pornography can be seen as a more voluntary action where prostitution is way more of a manipulative activity.Even if the person does not have a pimp or madame the lifestyle is way more seductive in a way that can permanently alter a person's perspective on life.

  • Yes it is.

    Pornography is somewhat different than prostitution. It is easy to say there are no differences because the differences are subtle. Pornography comes in many different forms, and in many cases no sexual acts are performed. Those are definitely not prostitution. Other cases are harder to differentiate. I would say, though, that they are not prostitution anymore than sex scenes in a regular movie.

  • Porn is much different than prostitution.

    Porn is much different than prostitution. The only similarity that they share is that they are both sexual. I think that the porn industry is much cleaner, safer, and more legal than prostitution. So in that way I think that porn and prostitution have little to nothing in common with eachother.

  • Yes they are very different

    There is a big difference between pornography and prostitution. Prostitution is paying someone for sex. Pornography comes in many different forms and does not need to involve any money changing hands. The two are related only in terms of being related to sexual things but beyond that the two concepts are very different.

  • Through intent lies the difference

    Prostitution is the exchange of payment for a sexual favor for sexual gradification.

    Pornography is the filmed motion or still picture in which, actor/actessess, the camera men, director, make up artist, and other variable laborers are paid to provide entertainment for a viewing audience.

    The sex taking place is not coincidence or the choice of the ones performing the act(in most cases), the sex taking place is done without concernn for sexual gradification, but for entertainment value in hopes of generating aa profit.

  • Ofcourse it is!

    If you are taking nude pictures with someone and having sex then getting paid for it then it IS prostitution. No matter how you try and justify that it isn't making money for that kind of stuff is selling yourself to someone. There is nothing wrong with making money but doing it that way is prostitution.

  • The question is mis-stated.

    People will take this to mean is watching pornography the same as going to prostitute. That answer is clearly no. BTW: a better question is: is marrying a guy for social status and/or security the same as prostitution. Is marrying a girl for the sex the same as going to a prostitute (it's a lot more expensive.)?

  • Similar, but not exactly the same!

    Is a blue car the same as a red car?
    Is a sport car the same as a diesel car?
    What a stupid question!

    Some cars are both sport and diesel. Some have red and blue strips. So what?

    Pornography involves affixing the action in some media (like film) by definition. Prostitution may involve filming, but most often not.

    Posted by: lyjn
  • They get paid for it it's prostitution

    Prostitution is having sex for money. Porn stars have sex for money with the stipulation that they only get the money if it is on camera and they allow it to be distributed. The only way pornography is not prostitution is when its amateur porn produced for free. Now there are even websites where people do this. So not all porn is prostitution but most of it is. And if having sex for money is legal when it is filmed it should also be legal when it is not.

  • Same base, only one pays tax.

    The difference is one pays both actors, films it, sells it, and pays Tax.
    While the other is a money for service deal. Maybe one day paying the plumber to fix an extra problem will be illegal right?
    Both have sex for money, and that's the end of it, so if you want to operate a brothel, just open a porn worlshop and advertise for "actors" with negative salaries.

  • They're really the same thing.

    Pornography is simply prostitution where there's a camera present to film the results. I can't quite figure out why porn goes unpunished, while a prostitute ends up in jail for her crimes. If it were up to me, if someone wanted to make money off what comes naturally, I'd decriminalize prostitution as well.

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