• Pornography leads to perversions your spouse may not be comfortable in performing thus: "making you impotent during sex when your spouse won't fulfill your fantasy"...

    Cocaine is to nose candy as porn is to eye candy. It causes men to treat women as objects. It is terribly addictive and ruins marriages. It will interfere with your relationships if you look at it. Men who do this are more susceptible to harassing women. When you look at porn it brings out feelings of lust, sex, and power rather than love and sex in the confines of a marriage between a husband and a wife (man and woman). It can lead to sexual perversions that your spouse may not be comfortable in performing thus FRANKLY:

    "making you impotent during sex when your spouse won't fulfill your fantasy"...

    Be a "man" and wait to have sex with your wife only and don't get addicted to pornography...

    Avoid all the unwanted pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Diseases like HPV that even a condom cannot stop.

    Job 31:1 (New International Version 2011)
    Job 31:1 "I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman.

    Job 31:1 is ABSOLUTELY great advice : ) ... You'd be smart to follow it.

  • Leads to sexual deviation

    Pornography and Hentai leads to an increase in sexual assault rates. Although many people believe banning pornography limits freedom, it still prevents influencing the mind of the youth. Although pornography is only legal for those 18 or older, young teens can still access it by lying. In addition, if pornography viewing becomes an addictive habit then it consumes time that instead could have been used for self improvement.

  • It's objective towards men and women and has psychological disadvantages.

    I believe that Women and Men are not to be viewed as objects or treated like them. Sex itself is not bad, but the wrong use of it is. Many of the porn stars in these videos talk about how they hate what they do. As women are viewed as objects, men judge them and it makes both men and women alike perverse. There's a time and place for everything, to train people to think that sex is permissible and viewing women/men as objects is okay leads to stereotyping and holds down gender equality. It's harmful because it holds down gender equality and harms some of the actors themselves.

  • Leads to desires and lusts

    Pursuing pornography is an easy addiction that is harder to stop than drugs because you have so much access to it everywhere once you have pornography you then move to self ejaculation or you lust after men/women to please your desires. Pornography can control your thoughts and your interactions with women and men, and can give you a self distaste for those individuals.

  • Over watching is harmful

    German studies have shown that excess porn-watching is linked to less gray matter in the brain than average people. Pornography in moderation is probably not harmful, however, porn is addictive so it may be difficult to keep it in moderation, at least for some people. So it can be harmful.

  • Ever hear of pornography addiction?

    All this does is reduce relationships to sex, and devalues both men and women as instruments to sate our sexual desires rather than to exist as humans. It cheapens intimacy, and is an industry ripe with exploitation and seedier elements. It sends the message that we are not in control of our sexuality, but that sex is in control of us. We know its intrinsically wrong as no one actually raises their children to become porn stars, many of whom are abuse victims and worse. Its just exploitation for money, little different in its rapacious nature than any other addicting drug.

  • Is this about porn or addiction to porn?

    If someone becomes addictive to drugs, alcohol, sugar, or too much porn then yes it is unhealthy. Does that mean that it is inherently bad or harmful to be expose to it? No. In fact, it might even be more harmful that we are obsessively shameful about sex in our culture.

  • Not so much anymore.

    The typical argument is that pornography gives *men* unrealistic expectations of sex, and makes it impossible to enjoy it with women. This is not true anymore. It may have been true years and years ago, when the only way to make money in that business was with a specific kind of pornography targeted to the largest audience possible, but today, with ease of information, the internet, and larger and more active populations, pornography is varied and appeals to huge amounts of people, men, women, and everything in between. People are allowed to like what they like, and with more and more people exploring their own sexuality, it is easier to find partners willing to experiment and have fun with you, these days, the only ones getting left out are the ones without a personality of any kind, the ones who aren't willing to take a step into their own bodies, and won't put down their bible to enjoy life.

  • It does NOT make men objectify women.

    A vast majority of men say they watch porn, not including all those who won't admit it. They are not all sexist. Taking myself as an example, I watch it, and I consider myself a feminist. If anything it does the opposite of what you're arguing: it allows me to release my sexual frustration (everybody has it) when I'm alone so that I can treat women with the respect they deserve.

  • It mainly depends on the audience.

    If pornography was harmful, then most of the world is probably suffering from its side-effects by now. HOWEVER, what you generally find is that people who are exposed to it by a young age do develop unnatural behaviors. In other words, don't watch porn UNTIL you know what it's about, and can control yourself. This is the same thing like generalizing videogames breeding killers; you can't just put down a solid fact of saying: "PORN IS BAD FOR EVERYONE". The fact of the matter is, I find it NOT to be harmful, but rather, it depends more-so on the viewer him/herself.

  • No its not

    If you have problems with naked people having sex or just naked people posing well ...... Naked then it could be a problem for you personally. But those are issues you would need to work out on your own and have nothing to do with porn being harmful. Obviously addiction is no good, but then any addiction is not good so its redundant to say that.

  • Harmful to who?

    I am really having a hard time trying to figure out who could possibly be harm by pornography. It is basically a movie with more sex scene than usual. 30+ years ago, pornography was apparently controlled by the mafia, which was a good reason to view pornography as harmful. But today, pornography is controlled by movie production companies (when it is not amateur, which it often is) and NO ONE is harmed by it.

  • A completely optional service.

    Pornography is is optional, does not control your mind nor force you to do anything, and is not harmful in and of itself. The easiest way to test this notion is to watch an R-rated movie with a sex scene. The sex scene does not harm you if it is censored. So you would then be arguing that uncensored sex is harmful to watch or not, which is quite easily a not. The only scenario in which porn is harmful in and of itself is when the video produces epileptic seizures or if your compute contracts a virus through the act of viewing it. Those do not mean the pornographic content itself harmful, but that someone CAN harm you through that medium.

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