• Pornography is readily available in today's media

    Finding pornography is literally the easiest thing in the world these days. Google can direct you to free, virus-free pornography in a matter of milliseconds, and it only gets easier every day. Therefore pornography is more readily available in today's media than it has ever been in the past, and it gets increasingly easier every day.

  • Yes, it is all over the place.

    It is so easy now for someone to turn off save search and go wild with porn all over the internet. It is a shame too, because those people are sometimes young kids who are eager to get their eyes on something they wish they wouldn't have seen according to their mom.

  • The Internet is for Porn.

    "The Internet is for Porn": Avenue Q song title.

    With the invention of the Internet distribution of products has increased considerably. The pornography industry is no exception to this fact. The Internet has become one of the world's largest marketplaces where individuals can buy what they desire. The porn industry has increased it's selling power in a way that had not been seen for them since the invention of the VCR.

  • Just a click away.

    Yes, pornography is more readily available in today's media, because today, a person doesn't even have to go to the dirty section of the video store. Anymore, pornography is just a simple click away on the internet. There is nothing to stop it from getting in the hands of children.

  • Yes, because of modern technology

    Pornography has almost always existed. However, it has not always been readily available to the masses. One hundred years ago or more, a person had to go to a pornography retailer to purchase pornographic items. Today, pornography is so readily available that a person can accidentally stumble upon it while surfing the Internet.

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