• Pornography will destroy anyone.

    Do you know someone who is addicted to pornography? How happy and free are they?!?!? They will tell themselves over and one that it is OK, but it is wrong. If you are rationalizing over something, it is probably wrong. Life is not just for sex. If life was just for sex, then a little kid should have sex because that is what life is meant for. Pornography degrades. Imagine the person in the picture, video, etc. That they are someone you know. That would disgust you since you know them. But pornography only shows people as sexual objects. They have a life, a family. How would you feel if someone you loved showed themselves like that? Exactly. Pornography is evil, disgusting trash that will destroy.

  • Pornography Demeans Women, Men

    The sex industry doesn't need any more help. Porn is demeaning and degrading to women. Instead of edifying the beauty of the male and female bodies, porn tears down the self-esteem of both sexes. The porn industry claims these people that sell sex only get that way by acting sexy. There are so many more important things in life than fornication for humans to be proud of.

  • I do think Pornography is wrong.

    Pornography is wrong in many ways. Somethings should just be kept private and should only be for the eyes of the one they love. Pornography mostly exploits women, but there are some men that it exploits too. Children may be involved in pornography too which is dead wrong. People make money on others seeing their private acts and this should be abolished.

  • It is selfish

    Pornography teaches one thing: selfishness. A person who views pornography is only interested in getting and taking. Sex is giving your virtue to someone. Anyone who is married will tell you that a relationship where one spouse is only interested in taking will never last long. One has nothing to give. No one wants to be the constant faucet for the constant drain. 55% of divorces are pornography related. If pornography is a big enough problem to cause 55% of divorces, then you don't have to be a genius to tell it's bad.

  • people hide shameful acts

    If pornography is OK, then by all means watch it in front of little kids, and in public since it is Ok. NO!!!! Pornography is wrong because it is viewed in secret. If you hide something, it is because you don't want anyone to find out. Like when a kid does something wrong and tries to hide it from his parents. It is because he is ashamed. Pornography is wrong, and no one is blameless indulging in it.

  • Pornography promotes sexual violence

    "Males who viewed sexual violence obtained higher scores both on scales measuring acceptance of interpersonal violence and the rape myth [the belief that women actually enjoy rape and suffer few negative consequences], when compared to males who viewed either a physically violent or neutral film... A similar effect is seen even when the pornography is not violent. Males who are shown non-violent scenes that sexually objectified and degraded women and were then exposed to material that depicted rape indicated that the rape victim experienced pleasure and ‘got what she wanted.’" --Mary Anne Layden, PhD.

    Pornography promotes the idea that women are subservient to men and in all cases enjoy sex, including in cases of rape and sexual abuse. When impressionable teenagers are shown videos of women being violently sexually used, it leads the watcher to believe that women behave like that in real life in response to sex. Pornography perpetuates rape culture, female oppression, and victim-blaming.

  • Its a form of immorality also it has many negative side effects mentally

    I think that although there is a time and place for everything pornography is predominantly wrong.
    'Consider the woman victimized by poverty, ignorance(under- education) and even drug addiction in it (even the male actors) , they are doing it mostly for a financial aid, most of the people (females) are
    being exploited solely because of their dependencies and mis-fortunes. So think about that when your watching it in your ignorance. Lust. And probably addiction(if you said no)

  • Pornography implies kidnapping.

    For those who don't know, sometimes the "consenting" adults that appear in the videos were kidnapped while child and "educated" in the "sex way".
    Moreover, pornography generates some behaviours from adults like rapes, child abuse, etc.
    Also, there are many children that ignore the +18 sign (has it would be expected) and watch pornography every day.

  • Photographic pornography degrades men's lives

    It makes men sex obsessed, and takes their focus off of the things they need to do. It makes men increasingly judge women according to their appearance rather than their "soul". It makes men hate women who are unattractive. Pornography creates a world of men being aroused about voyeurism, and the thought that other men are finding something attractive, so it isn't a personal relationship with a woman. It must be at least a tiny bit homosexual because, men get off on thinking of other men getting off.

  • Show me a better human being for porn use, and I'll show you a fantasy

    Which is exactly what pornography is: a fantasy, designed to lure you, fool you and hook you. You will never get enough. You will always look for another scene, another play, another ...Fantasy. That's why it's endless and continual. Real life is not like that. Humans have limits. Love is not on demand and it's definitely not sex. Instead of running away to fantasy land, face your real, ugly, dark and dirty life, and as it were, come into the light.

  • Not in the least.

    Pornography at it's core is a form of entertainment. There are many forms of entertainment and many of them are offensive to people. Violent movies and nude sculptures may be considered obscene or offensive to some people but they shouldn't be considered wrong. Pornography is entertainment and art. It depicts natural humans participating in natural human acts and it doesn't intrude on the rights of anyone else. Simply avoid it if it bothers you.

  • No, pornography is not wrong

    As long as consenting adults agree to the making of the pornography and it's not being used in a way that can negatively affect another person then I see nothing wrong with pornography. Some people enjoy a good horror movie, some comedies, and some prefer watching pornography. It is not up to us to judge someone for what they enjoy watching in the privacy of their own home as long as no one else was harmed.

    Posted by: jus
  • No

    Pornography is not a victimless crime. The users and the subjects are both devastated and the societal cost is immense. It is only the subject of debate because of human nature. Sexual behavior is very highly rationalized -- people are capable of justifying anything they really want to do. The profit motive is powerful for those who make this a business and, in the case of pornography, organized crime controls the major portion of it. Smokescreens, such as preservation of free speech, are off the point for that principle does not mean we can say anything we wish. Yelling "fire" in a crowded theater or maliciously slandering another person are not protected. And we are not just talking about Venus de Milo. Even though there are individual differences in response to nude representations, pornography is light years removed from real art.

  • It's the process, not the product.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with pornography, and needs to be allowed in any country that claims to allow free speech. Its production may (and often does) result in the exploitation of people, especially women, and, in those cases, that exploitation is wrong. However, that's a result of the manufacturing process, not the product. Unsafe car plants should be abolished, but there is nothing wrong with cars. The same analogy holds.

  • Porn is a choice

    Pornography is a choice on all sides, when it is created legally. It is a choice for the actors to participate, and it is a choice for viewers to use it. It has been said that porn actresses wouldn't do the job if they were able to support themselves financially through another means, but this is ridiculous. The amount of amateur porn that women create without any or with minimal financial gain is ridiculous. Clearly they enjoy doing it. To do porn is a choice, or not to is a choice. To look at it is a choice, just as to not look at it is as well. Ultimately, porn is a decision, and that is what counts.

  • God says it is

    The bible is clear. Jesus christ said if you look on a woman with lust youve commited adultery . Youve desired someone elses wife or future wife. Shes not your wife. The porn industry cant be all fun and pleasure. Its a business. Theres much grief and pain in it. The devil has made it look like its pure nirvana. What God offers is real.

  • Porn is good

    Porn has existed as an art form since the BC era. Stop trying to enforce other people's personal choices because of your own fearfulness. What's right and wrong is simply relative to the person deeming it so and their upbringing. Many societal constructs and stigmas are beneficial overall but this is one that is heavily based on religious/spiritual ideals that are logically flawed and/or debatable.

  • It is my opinion that pornography is wrong

    Having been an addict to the pleasure of porn myself, I strongly feel that porn is something that needs to be shielded and kept out of reach from people. Many compare that it is no different that showing violent images on TV but really they are both the same. Pointless killing and meaningless sex are not something that should influence society and generations to come. I know that sexuality has grown and many are showing more with there body, but the future generation of kids are going to be growing up in a world where sex is for nothing but pleasure and money. Do you really want them to grow up in a world where love and intimacy have no meaning? Would you have wanted that?

  • Amateur, consenting porn is a great tool for couples' pleasure and changing attitudes

    If porn websites were flooded with women with pubic hair and normal sized and shaped boobs; sexual scenes where men and women are equal and both as adventurous/dominate/subordinate as the other, would change society's attitudes to sex, and educate young boys (and girls) on how it should be. Porn is also a fun thing for consenting couples to watch to get ideas, get turned on and spice up their love lives. In the right way it can be a positive thing.

  • We all do it!

    This debate is really frustrating me. My parents have been together since they were 17 and I've been with my guy since then too, I've been brought up in a family without divorce or separation that I believe in family life. So one might be surprised that although my uuparents have taught be about healthy relationships and how to give respect to get it in return they have also explained sex to me. I tell my mum everything and she was the first person I told that I had lost my verginity. We are a very open family and so when porn has been a topic it's not been explained as a negative thing but as a tool for ones pleasure or to use as a couple to experience the enjoyment together. If it offends you then don't watch it but I don't understand why people see it as a bad thing. Some people enjoy horror films, I hate them! But they don't offend me.

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