Is positive discrimination a good way for universities to increase diversity?

  • Poor wording...But diversity is important!

    We have a "Girls Go Science" day where we bring in women from the more scientific fields to encourage more girls to pursue these fields academically. Is this discrimination against guys? No. It is still not a level playing field out there, if it were our politicians/decision makers would be a LOT more diverse. Like promote like. If you are a bilingual hispanic who doesn't happen to play golf you are less likely to be promoted to manager than your white/male counterpart who can smooze with the boss. And with more like-minded individuals being the ones promoted onto corporate boards, you don't get positive change you just end up with more yes men. Until that "corporate board" can appreciate diversity enough to bring in different mindsets to the table than there remains an uphill struggle. Do you honestly think it would take so many tries to get the Violence against Women's Act passed if D.C. was evenly split between men and women?

  • I believe universities must increase diversity, by any means necessary.

    Due to constant discrimination of minorities throughout history, certain people were not given the same advantages as others. Therefore, it is only fair that minorities are given advantages now, so the playing field can be leveled. Also, I believe "positive discrimination" is a poor term for "affirmative action", and it should not be used.

    Posted by: NoisyAlva89
  • I believe that there is a line that needs to be drawn.

    I believe that there is a clear difference between positive discrimination and negative discrimination. With positive discrimination, you are able to choose for yourself who you will associate with as friends. With negative discrimination, you essentially harbor ill feelings or harmful emotions towards others where you might find out later on that you were in the wrong for even acting negatively towards another. However, since this is about universities positively discriminating to increase diversity, the whole diversity issue should be looked at in views of educational diversity based upon the merits of the individual student[s] not based on race, culture or ethnicity. There is a lot of misunderstanding going on this country about discrimination. I believe the real question should be asked is is this a question of discrimination or prejudice?

  • Positive discrimination can help universities establish diverse student bodies to provide a rich, multi-cultural academic environment.

    The academy provides a setting for scholarly discourse. That discourse is fuller, more complete, and has more opportunities for the academic growth of all students if the population is culturally and ethnically diverse. It is in everyone's best interests to have this diverse community of intellectual discourse. Therefore positive discrimination can be very helpful in creating this community.

    Posted by: baltute
  • Positive discrimination

    It's useful for both students and collage. Students will exposed to different culture, perspectives and social experiences. Universities strengthen the educational experience they provide. Maysa dallaseh

  • Qualifications, not identity

    Viewing positive discrimination as: having open positions JUST for people of a minority at university, perhaps even lowering the qualifying entrance scores.

    Qualifications are what enable you to get into a university. People work hard; spending years for these qualifications.

    Identity (gender, ethnicity etc) is basically unnecessary to your academic/sport achievements & university placement in terms of equality [living by the same rules as others].

    To promote more equal distribution of gender/race etc, we should use media promotion instead of having specific positions for unqualified specials.

    More male nurses/female rocket scientists needed? Dispel the notion of only certain genders able to perform a job: Advertising and encouraging is the answer.

  • Starting with positive discrimination now will end up in a never ending balancing act.

    If there are waayyyyy more white people in the us than a different race shouldn't it only be logical that there are more white people in college when you don't bother to look at ratios compared to the whole? And if "diversity" is what you want why wouldn't those scholarships go to the international students who truly represent the targeted diversity that colleges think is simply displayed by a skin color? If you are going to call somebody out on their race doesn't that just encourage the idea that we are different and district simply upon our race? How can you identify if somebody deserves a job or scholarship based on their skin color while still trying to have the population maintain the idea that we should all be looked at as the same regardless of race? Being born here we are Americans and often times too far removed from our ancestry to offer that we provide the certain type of diversity colleges claim to be looking for.

  • Positive discrimination is outrageous

    Hand feeding people is not going to fix anything. We should all be assessed equally when it comes to scholarships and university entrance. Giving the Maori or Pacific Island students special criteria is in my eyes completely racist towards non-Maori and PI! If there were Chinese, European or Indian scholarships there would be an uproar!

  • Most certainly not.

    I completely fail to see how 'positive' this discrimination is in any way. No-one should be able to attend university just because they're a certain minority. It's completely unfair to the students worked very hard to get into university. Everyone - and I mean everyone - should be subject to the same rules.

  • It's unfair.

    There are students with a great academic standing that deserve to be admitted but many will lose that chance because of a simple requirement. A requirement that is completely unnecessary. This is just showing how different races interact and that is not the purpose of any education. The main purpose is to help students push forward in life and become something.

  • We pick up good students, not special students

    I believe that we should focus on the academic competence of a student but not his race nor his gender. The school needs to pick up the qualified student for the purpose of education. There's no need to guarantee the "diversity" in order to show that discrimination doesn't exist. We're in a school, not a biological laboratory.

  • nope

    He is more qualified than you but we ned black people and you're black so you're in. All educational institution should only focus on academics!

  • Not having a meritocracy is one of the key failings of 21st century society.

    In a poll of classmates my senior year in high school, 29/30 students said affirmative action should be abolished in terms of college admissions. The issue is largely rich versus poor, but it is instead framed as a race debate. There's already a large segregation with a "diverse" population at universities, and to deny that would be to fill quotas.

    Posted by: PastoralAgustin40
  • I believe someone should be admitted to a university based only on their academic merits, not race.

    I believe in equality of opportunity and, as such, I find it hard to swallow that someone is accepted into a university, when their transcripts and extracurricular activities should not qualify them. I go to a diverse public university, and understand the reasoning for doing it this way, but find it unfair for the person who doesn't get accepted, because there isn't enough room because of this.

    Posted by: AboriginalKing28
  • Schools should choose students based solely on their grades, test scores, and applications, because basing it on ethnicity, race, or gender is wrong.

    It should not matter whether a student is a specific race, ethnicity, gender or social class. They should only get accepted to a university based on their academic or athletic merits. Just because specific minority groups are under-represented at a university, it does not mean they should get priority enrollment. They need to have the academics to back it up, and then they should get accepted, without looking at their gender, race, or ethnicity.

    Posted by: TMacias

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