Is Pre-Calculus hard? Is taking Pre-Calculus in the 10th grade sort of weird?

Asked by: Dishoungh
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  • Yes and No

    It is a hard enough class, you will have to do a good amount of work (and you will LOVE the trig section). At the same time it is not weird to take it as a sophomore. I did and so did a ton of other people from my school.

  • Not too terrible

    It's not as nightmarish as you'd think, as long as you take good notes and pay attention in class you'd be fine.
    Some topics you learn about (that I remember, anyway):
    - Function stuff
    - Parametric, recursive, and polar functions
    - Modeling data
    - Exponents and logs
    - Trig functions
    - Unit circle

  • Oh please, according to my schedules, I'm taking that in 9th grade.

    Some people just excel at math and logic, and also work very hard. "Weird", weird is subjective. I think the question here is "Is it reasonable". Yes, I would say it is. If you have a good skill throughout elementary school and are allowed on the path towards that, and maintain a "B-" or above through middle school this makes perfect sense.

  • Yes it is, needs to be taken in grade 11 or 12

    I think Pre-Calculus should be taken in 11th grade. I'm in Pre-AP Algebra 2 right now as a sophomore. I am planning to take this Pre-Calculus class next year as a junior in high school. I hope I don't need to drop out of that class. Math is my strongest subject, so I think I can handle this type of work. I should be expected a lot of homework for this particular class.

  • I did so

    I was actually supposed to take it ninth grade, but my middle school screwed stuff up on my variance. And hard? Not really. The trig was different, but it's still a high school level class so you can't expect it to be that hard, especially if you are advanced in math.

  • It's Not bad

    I liked it. Some topics may be more difficult than others. But provided you have a good teacher, it's not unconquerable. Part of pre-calc in my school was actually really like review of Trig/alg. 2, so it seemed pretty easy at the beginning.

    In the 10th grade weird? Nah. As long as you handled trig/alg. 2, you should feel confident about pre-calc.

  • Oh please, this is getting awkward.

    If they are good at it, then they will succeed. Anybody can tell you that. Besides, if you pay attention, understand the concepts they are based off of, don't mouth off, and have the time and scratch paper to do it, you'll be fine. Have a nice day. You're welcome.

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