• Of course pregnancy is a disability ! Even though some guys don't understand that it's not just getting bigger and moody, it's more than that!

    Is pregnancy a disability? Yes. When you are pregnant, you have SOME control over your actions. For example, being pregnant, you have mood swings, you cant control that. You do not have your menstrual period, therefore it all comes out as after birth, after the birth of the child, and you're forced to bleed for six weeks after that child is born. You have limited mobility, because when your pregnant your not suppose to drive. There are a lot of disabilities, such as no driving, no fast foods, no grease, no medicines for headaches or pains, no drinking, no smoking,etc. Point being is that yes pregnancy is a disability because the simple fact that it limits your regular/daily needs.

  • Yes, pregnancy does handicap.

    Pregnancy is not a permanent disability or one that will effect women for their entire lifetime. For a period of their pregnancy, most likely later towards their third trimester, it does affect the ability to do even the most simple of things. Now, I'm a male, but I've tried on those pregnancy suits. They make getting up and sitting down a hard task, and I can imagine having that weight on all the time would make the person somewhat disabled to do their tasks.

  • Excuse my language but HELL no

    Pregnancy is defiantly NOT a disability. People don't CHOOSE to have a disability and you choose to be pregnant. As a woman myself I also believe that women shouldn't have to stop work until they go into labor. My own mother worked everyday of the pregnancy for all 4 of her children until she went into labor, she didn't have a single problem. Of course there will always be an exception for those women that could loose the baby but other than those exceptions I say keep going

  • No, it isn't

    I am a woman and I do not believe that pregnancy is a disability because pregnancy is a choice. When you are starting a family, you make the decision to get pregnant with an understanding of the things it might involve. Of course accidental pregnancies happen, but it is still a choice to have that child and raise it and if it is a situation where the woman can't handle the pregnancy mentally, then her mental state is her disability, not the pregnancy itself. Pregnancy makes it hard to live normally and do all the things you may be used to, but it isn't something that happened that was out of the person's control. Mental and physical disabilities are things that are usually permanent and not intentional, and pregnancy is not permanent and in many cases is intentional.

  • When you are pregnant, there is nothing physically wrong. It is just more than the female's body is used to.

    A disability means that there is something physically wrong with a person, which handicaps them. A woman being able to become pregnant speaks to the contrary. The female is still able to do everything she was before. However, there are certain things like drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, and strenuous exercise, which can negatively affect the baby's health. These activities are advised against, but the female is still able to perform them. She is not limited by her abilities, just by what is best for the baby.

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