• Premarital sex is permissible.

    It is puritanical to make everyone wait till they are married to have sex. People should have time to wait an experiment with other people before committing to a single person for the rest of their lives. Most people want to be skilled at sex before they get married anyway.

  • What is wrong with sex? It is a natural human behavior and is meant for reproduction.

    Now don't get me wrong...if your teen is having sex, the last thing their conscious mind wants is a baby. But the primal mind of every human is hardwired for reproduction and sex. God made us to reproduce and populate this wonderful earth. Even if you are not religious, we all are humans, and reproducing and spreading your genes is part being human. Look at it this way: How many of your parents were puritans, and got married before they had you? This is not Hollywood. Everyone has different morals. This post respects this and wants you to just take it under consideration for a fun lifestyle choice, including adventure and freedoms, not the restrictive puritan old dusty grimy ways.

  • We don't all have the same morals here.

    Of course it's permissable, other people have no right to be able to tell you whether or not you can have sex. Not everyone believes in the Christian bible, or even god for that matter. It's perfectly legal and it makes no sense for strangers to be able to force their beliefs onto other.

  • Pre-marital sex is permissible and even advisable when performed safely.

    Having sex outside of a marital relationship is completely natural. Few animals are truly monogamous and humans do not fall into that category. Many refrain for religious or moral reasons, which is perfectly within their rights, however rushing into a marriage in order to have sex often leads to divorce. Couples who live together and are intimate prior to marriage are often more prepared for the realities of the commitment.

    Posted by: BoredMark51
  • Premarital sex is permissible, because it is 100% legal.

    Though some religions look down on premarital sex, the government does not prohibit it. So, therefore, premarital sex is permissible in the most general sense.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Of course.

    The government should, firstly, not have the power to reach into the bedroom of two consensual adults. If premarital sex was banned, it would be based on religion which discriminates against those who are non-religious as well as be an intense invasion of privacy. America should be based on choice, not restriction of rights based on one, or any, religion. Keep church and state separated for the well-being of all citizens.

  • this question is ridiculous to me.

    We live in a free country. This means that we are free to do whatever we want as long as it is legal. Last time I checked pre-marital sex is legal, therefore, it is permissible! The only argument against this point is religion, and you cannot decide what other people do based on what you believe.

  • Yes

    Sexual interaction is and always should be an individual right, subject to no one's jurisdiction but their own. Someone who believes that the lord will condemn these "fornicators" has no more right to tell me that I cannot engage in coitus with whomever I choose, any more than I have a right to insist that they not dress up every sunday and spend half of a day singing songs and praying. I may disagree with what you choose to believe/do, but it doesn't mean it's okay for me to force you to follow said beliefs.

  • Sex is designed to allow humans to procreate,

    Unless a person is financially and emotionally ready to care for children then they have no business having sex

  • No.

    God does not support Pre-Marital sex. and what if a parent leaves the child... than what!

  • No-premarital sex isn't permissible.

    While not illegal, premarital sex lends to a degradation of the marriage state. Any resulting emotions will not have the safeguard of a legitimate, committed relationship. Also, children and disease are always a possible consequence. Resulting children will be exposed to a greater chance of being raised in an unstable environment.

  • No to premarital sex

    Over the past few years, i've thought about morals, i'm an athiest so i don't have a holy book. I disagree with premarital sex because in society sex is considered normal, millions have sex everyday. I think it should be about love and not just the sexual act. To be honest, in some situations were a marriage isn't working and they bring a child into the world to 'sort their problems out', i think that is horrible. Theyre likely to get a divorce and that will negatively affect the child/ren. Many people, especially youth, are involved in sexual experiences and that disgusts me mostly. I'm a teenager and would even contemplate premartial sex or even sex during a marriage to be quite frank about it.
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