• Plenty of secular arguments against it.

    I have no religion and I am strongly opposed to the idea that premarital sex is morally acceptable. By far the most compelling argument is that it violates the principle of rectification of names. If two people are not married, they do not belong to the 'husband and wife' category of the Five Cardinal Relationships; they merely belong to the 'friends' category. There is no 'name' to bestow upon them the permission to do such a thing. Another principle it violates is the principle of propriety. People of the opposite sex should keep a distance before marriage, and that includes abstaining from sex. 'To subdue one's self and return to propriety, is perfect virtue.' (Analects 12.1) Sexual desires should be restrained to fit the proper rules of propriety.

  • Physical and physiological reasons for commitment.

    Let's dispense with the fear factor!

    You could get pregnant and ruin your life!
    You could get an STI and ruin your life!
    You're sleeping with everyone else that person has slept with!

    Somethings not mentioned in all of this, one is emotional jealousy and diminished respect of a person. For some reason the guys always want to know how many men a woman has been with. This is a kicker, as the woman's number goes up the respect for her goes down. Eventually she just becomes an object (and that's another part of the discussion, the devaluation of people). In a study conducted by the Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, most women who engage in sex before marriage do so out of compliance to a partner's wishes rather than because they feel the relationship is stable enough for marriage. Also, women are 4x as likely to comply with undesired sexual acts because they are want to keep the relationship even though they feel it isn't stable yet for marriage. In other words, in most cases, premarital sex is a compliant act, not an act of devotion like we try to fool ourselves into thinking.

    Sex can become an addiction, the chemical cocktail that leads to addiction is perfect when it comes to sex. Exploring sex before a marriage can get super tricky as in most cases, a person feels that their partner can't always satisfy them. Usually when sex is a key element of the commitment before the commitment is in cement, the relationship needs help from oxytocin boosts, this is, of course, the weakest way confirm those feelings of being wanted and attached.

    Fun fact, the Medical Institute for Sexual Health also released a study showing that monogamous married couples, or couples who had previously abstained from pre-marital sex, but did in their current relationships express a much higher level of sexual enjoyment than those who either didn't wait, or who regularly sleep around. It is cited that these couples feel that they are accepted, that they don't have to perform to impress, they show greater concern for their partner's pleasure, and that experimentation is less intimidating because they know their partner's ambitions are not self-serving or selfish.

  • Safety at risk

    Not a feminazi or something but all men ultimately want from a relationship is to get laid. Girls being emotional fools do whatever the guys want. MMS leak, pregnancy (yes protection too doesn't ensure 100% guarantee) , police raid are all sufficient to ruin a girl's life. On the other hand, MMS leak isn't that a big deal for men, police raid would be harmful only if the girl is a minor and if the action is with a known girl chances of STDs are almost zero. Religion..Yeah! Not a single religion supports this nonsense so if you're a cultured person, you won't be able to sleep for some night after doing that sin. Why take so much physical pain if all you will get in return is life long distress with some so-called seconds of pleasure?!

  • Pre-marital sex is full of horrors!

    Ever since Pre-Marital sex became the norm of society, the single motherhood rate has exploded and has caused both the loss of many children's futures (1 parent is not enough, usually) and abortions extremely frequent (1/2 of all black pregnancies are aborted). This is because people are not perfect, so perfect "safe" sex is impossible unless you are abstinent. This is also due to the fact that, if sex can occur outside of marriage, then when a baby is created the father has nothing that can tie him directly to the child (and they are usually unwanted in the first place) so they leave.
    Some men even bait women with the prospect of future marriage and love just to bed them, which works because marriage is now completely optional for men but nearly required for healthy, safe, children. The man could then destroy her heart by stating some lies and leaving her.
    Also, statistics have shown that the more sexual partners you have before a marriage, the more likely you are to divorce. This is due to the fact that, if you were willing to give your entire body to someone outside of marriage, then what else can you give in one?
    Now, is this all absolute? No. However, it is much wiser to wait than to immediately jump into bed with someone.

  • It isn't wrong.

    Premarital sex isn't wrong because, if you do not follow the religious teachings then you are not required to execute them. Aside from the religious perspective you must now stop and focus on the social taboo. Which is usually more appalling to deal with than the religious standards. So no it isn't wrong for the simple fact of your body is your body, and you may do with it what you please

  • Which came first? Sex or marriage?

    Humans were having sex a LOOOOOOONG time before they invented the concept of marriage. If it was wrong to have sex before marriage that would mean that the first humans couldn't have sex at all because marriage was not invented yet. On another note, we are not the only species to have sex. I highly doubt frogs get married before the male jumps onto the female's back and attempts to impregnate it.

  • Its insane to marry someone you havent slept with yet.

    To know whether or not you want to be with someone you have to know them sexually. We are sexual beings who are only sexually compatible with a portion of people. We have the right to find someone we are sexcually compatible with to marry. Sex doesnt hurt anyone but ourselves sometimes. The yes side is using stds to make their argument. But like everything else that is fun it comes with a risk. And the risk is not as high as the yesers probably think. But no matter what the risk is its our risk that we are taking and only effects us so its nobody elses business. We are animals. Cave men had sex at age 14. God didnt tell them not to have sex. There are thousands of religions just today with millions of denominations. Why should i believe one and accept its morals when its virtually impossible to pick the right ones. Funny how people believe out of fear of god but act as if they are not afraid of god at all as they accept whatever view they are taught and look no farther than their small area of churches for a morality and knowledge of god. Its like they dont believe in a just and perfect god.

  • I wouldn't say that it is wrong.

    There is nothing wrong with premarital sex. I have much respect to those who take on that commitment. As for me, it is too late! Haha I believe that sex is a pleasurable part of our nature. Sex is what allows us to breed, and allows our species to live on. I am not saying to just go out and have sex with whom ever, but people shouldn't feel ashamed for wanting to engage in sexual intercourse with a person of interest. I have known people that do believe in sex after marriage, but have had a hard time with self control. Our body's response combined with our feelings for the person we show affection to is a beautiful thing, and this can be experienced either before or after marriage.

  • It is not wrong.

    Assuming that everyone involved in this sex informs everyone else of any STD's, no one is harmed by premarital sex. Because no one is getting hurt by premarital sex, it is perfectly fine, so long as everyone involved consents. If you do not want premarital sex due to religious reasons, social reasons, or any other kind of reasons, it is your choice to not take part in the practice; you are not being hurt by other people enjoying themselves.

  • Sex doesn't change from being taboo to suddenly good and acceptable after marriage

    Sex is sex and it's stupid and absurd that we let a marriage license change our perception towards sex. Sex is simply an activity that couples do together, similar to watching a movie together or eating together. As long as it is done safely I don't think there is a problem with it. Why is it a taboo and shameful thing before marriage but then suddenly an acceptable and even necessary thing after marriage?

  • What's wrong with it?

    Absolutely nothing. Its in human nature to give into our sexual desires to someone we love without being married whether its friends having a fling or a couple doing what they want to do. As someone else said sex has been around longer than marriage and animals don't get married and have sex more than humans do is that wrong no it is not. It does not hurt you if someone is having premarital sex

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