Is prescribing lethal drugs to terminally ill patients morally justifiable?

  • All people have a right to relieve their pain

    If a person is dying, let them choose to reduce the pain with and opiod or pain killers in the least. I think if the person has an issue with chronic pain, we should not only relieve their pain mentally, but physically so the end their life without the pain that the had in their life previously.

  • It is not only for selfish reasons.

    Yes, some people may be wanting to end their own suffering because of selfish reasons, but what about their families? You don't think they suffer to see their loved one suffer? You think they want them to die in pain? I know most of y'all who oppose of this idea are religious and believe it's His decision to away a person's life, but how do you go about seeing your loved one suffering? How can you deal with knowing that instead of a peaceful and dignifying way to die, they just wasted away secretly waiting for their last breath?

  • Of course. People should have the right to make the decision because it is their life.

    If I was in terrible pain, I would definitely want the option if I knew there was absolutely no way I could survive and my suffering would only worsen. Keeping them alive is the greater evil. It would bring an end to agony. Personal belief does not trump other people's decisions. Freedoms ought to be protected not infringed.

  • It's his decision.

    Parents or relatives should not be allowed to keep a person in pain unless the patient wants to stay like that. In most cases though, the patient is feeling extreme pain every day, and no one needs to live a life full of pain. The patient should have direct input on what he wants to do, and he should not be overshadowed just because of some law.

  • Oh, most definitely...

    Allowing someone to suffer knowingly is absolutely not the right thing to do.

    Since this topic is specifically about the terminally ill, I'll say no more than this, but mental pain is also no different in my book.

    Though many will argue the one killing themselves is the selfish one, what's really more selfish? Allowing someone to end their suffering in a more dignified and painless manner or asking/demanding they suffer because you will miss them? The answer of course being the former.

    Others will call them cowards. But who is really the coward? The one with the capability to overcome probably the most powerful of our drives - to keep living even through the worst of times - or those who don't? Again, the answer is clear.

    Personally, if I were the one suffering, be it mentally or physically if someone were demanding I stay with them suffering to the end my reaction would be to do what I wish, after making sure their selfish self has as many and as high bills as I can possibly leave them with to boot.

  • People must be allowed to have control over their own lives.

    We are not talking about people who have the possibility of living long happy lives wanting to commit suicide. These people are DYING. There are no ands, ifs, or buts about this fact. These people have no choice about whether they are going to die or not. All they are asking for is the freedom to decide at what point in their TERMINAL illness they wish to pass. If your only justification to deny these people the dignity and freedom to control their own life is your own superstition, then kindly realize that what your religion says is pointless when dealing with people who have the right to their own religious views and as such are protected from your views.

  • This sort of situation is a personal choice

    If a person wishes to die rather than live and suffer, they should be given the option for a painless death. This is their life and as long as they don't harm the lives of others, decisions like these should be entirely legal. Naturally, there would need to be some sort of process before the person is put to sleep.

  • One's life, one's decision.

    Euthanasia is one of those actions that is entirely justified upon the consent of the person receiving it. Suffering long just waiting to die is incredibly painful (assuming this is why the person wants to be euthanized) or incredibly boring for someone who is in a coma they will never be able to get out of. Objections that are religious in nature are not a good justifications for one's own personal decision.

  • Ending life with dignity

    Quality of life is important. And, I want control over the quality of life that I can experience. I do NOT want the stress that a terminal illness puts on a family. Sometimes the quarrelling over caring for a family member causes irreparable damage. Why allow that potential harm? I want others to remember my life as a happy memory and not as a burden to others.

  • Prescribing lethal drugs to terminally ill patients should be legal and moral, because they should not be made to suffer.

    I believe it is justifiably moral to prescribe lethal drugs to those who are terminally ill. Forcing a person who is terminally ill to suffer would be less moral than helping them end their life. It should be their choice as to whether or not they want to end their suffering.

    Posted by: EducatedAlfonso
  • While, personally, I think it is wrong, I do believe that this is a difficult decision that each individual must decide for themselves.

    Life is the evidence. If man tries to say what is right for another man, he is in jeopardy of taking away his own rights. In matters of life and death, our creator, God, is ultimately in control, no matter what we do. When the time comes for a decision to be made about someone's continued existence, in the event of a terminal illness, each must choose what is right for them in relation to the wishes of the patient and their family members, and work within the confines of the law to do their best, as they work through the process. In the end, God will have chosen their destiny, for it is he who gives life and allows it to end. Of course, all of the above is my opinion of God and man's involvement. But, the Bible states in Leviticus 24:17 that "Anyone who takes another person's life must be put to death". Truly, it is up to each person as to how they interpret the word "takes".

    Posted by: QuickestLeigh
  • We can't escape pain by killing ourselves

    No, First of all it is a suicide and second is I believe in fate and reincarnation.Either we have to suffer in this life or in another life (or in hell). That is our choice but we can't escape pain by killing ourselves.

  • No, because I believe in dying a natural death.

    I believe it is not moral to kill someone by prescribing lethal drugs. I am a Catholic, and we believe in God's natural acts of attrition. When he calls, you come. We do not make that call and, by prescribing any kind of "killing" drug, it is just not natural, and is an act of suicide.

    Posted by: ColdPeter
  • I do not believe that helping someone to kill themselves is morally justifiable, based on my own personal beliefs.

    While I sympathize with those who are terminally ill and their desire not to suffer too much, I do not believe that they should be allowed to end, nor be aided in ending, their own life. I would rather go through that pain and suffering myself, in order to stay around as long as possible for my family, rather than simply take my own life for my own convenience. I believe that the same should be applied to others, since suicide is illegal in all other cases.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • It is never justifiable to terminate a person's life just because they are terminally ill.

    The idea that it is morally justifiable to terminate a person's life because they are terminally ill goes against the whole idea that we belong to God and it is His right to determine when we die. A terminally ill person may still have some great work to do. What the terminally ill person needs is counseling and encouragement. They are often tired of the struggle for survival. They may also be suffering from depression. However, there are many terminally ill patients who surprise, get well, if they continue to pursue health. Many other provide great help to those around them as they die gracefully and in God's time.

    Posted by: IindsM3II0w
  • Prescribing lethal drugs to a terminally ill person is not morally justifiable, because it's God's responsibility to determine the time of a person's death.

    The Bible says that it is appointed unto man to die once, and then to face judgment. The end of person's life is a spiritual matter that is completely God's responsibility as the creator of the universe. Legalizing suicide opens up a lot of very difficult doors that I don't believe we should open. Letting people decide who should die and who should live is morally difficult because only God knows when and if a person is going to die.

    Posted by: TasticBran
  • No,any dying person or animal feel pain and is a unversal truth. hence, it is not morally justifiable to administer leyhal drugs for anybody terminally ill.

    Any body who is born to this world subject to pain and suffering through out his/her lifespan. When terminally ill, and unable to decide on his/her own life or death, he/she passes through the final stages of suffering and pain. True, it is hard to see a terminally ill person suffers. We should understand, however, it as the final stage of suffering, and pain.i believe that a living being has the right to live until his natural death. Administering lethal drugs or killing by other means, mean that we try to get rid of him/her to reduce our pain and suffering instead of the terminally ill person.hence, it is immoral.

  • Terminally ill patients should not be able to end their life.

    I believe that "thou should not kill" which is the tenth amendment and no one should kill anyone we all should have a natural death and it is god responsibility to determine the time of a persons death.

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