Is preserving natural resources the main concern of environmentalists?

  • Yes it is

    Yes preserving the natural resources of the world is a main concern of environmentalists. It is important to leave the Earth as good as we got it or leave it better than it was before. Environmentalists want to leave future generations an Earth worth living on. We need natural resources.

  • Yes it is.

    Preserving natural resources is one of the main concerns of environmentalists. They need to understand our resources and how to make them last for years to come while also better understanding what makes them so important and how they got that way so we can recreate them to make our lives better.

  • Envrionmentalists want preservation

    Most environmentalists want preservation of plant and wildlife in their original habitats and much as possible. They want to help endangered species so that they can survive as well as forest so that they can remain. Some environmentalists also want to reduce human impact of the environment like with global warming.

  • Environmentalists Seek To Preserve

    I believe environmentalists are most concerned with preserving natural resources and natural locations. I believe environmentalists are those the most concerned with keep areas undisturbed and I do not see a problem with this desire. There is no reason for us to disturb every inch of our natural environment and these people seek to further that cause.

  • No, there are many things environmentalists want to conserve.

    While they do believe that we need to preserve natural resources, like trees, water, etc., another purpose of environmentalists is also to save living things (animals and plants) that are endangered, and whose habitats are threatened. Species are going extinct each day, and with their loss, we lose part of what makes our planet special, as well as possibly something that also could have led to the benefit of mankind, such as a treatment for a disease.

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