• Of course he is

    Of course he is. He says he is so why should anyone doubt this? In my opinion, even if he wasn't Christian, so what? This would have no affect on the way he would un the country. I get so irritated when people claim he is Muslim. My husband's friend claimed the Obama refused to be sworn into office on a Bible because he wasn't Christian. This is a lie that many people believe. These people are very ignorant and will use any excuse to criticize him

  • If he says he is, he is.

    Barack Obama has said that he is a Christian. He has been known to go to a Christian church. Therefore, he is a Christian. Doubting and investigating a deeply personal matter like someone's faith goes against the spirit of what America is really about, and it comes across as much more of a spiteful witch hunt.

  • Yes, but what does it matter?

    I think Obama is a Christian but so what if he isn't? The Constitution clearly states that no religious test shall ever be required to hold a public office and that there is no official state religion. Everybody in this country is free to worship according to the dictates of his or her concience and that also includes the option of not worshipping at all. If someone can be an effective leader than it should not matter if he or she is a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Wiccan, Hindu, Buddhist or even an Atheist.

  • Obama Attends Christian Services

    Despite dabbling in Islam as a teenager, Barack Obama attends Christian services. A controversy surrounding Rev. Jeremiah Wright was at the forefront of Obama's first run for president in 2008. The fiery pastor is the head of a church Obama attended as an adult. The man is a Christian with Christian ideals, yet religion doesn't make the person a good or bad government official.

  • His beliefs are not Christian

    Although Obama is a good man with good government policies, he does not share Christians beliefs. e.g. he for abortion. Additionally, attending church and saying "God bless America" does not make one a Christian. Even tough he might be around Christians, he is also around non-Christians with many other different beliefs. So we look at his actions and they show he probably is not a Christian.

  • No, Do the research

    There a lot of things that he is not. I have always wondered when Donald Trump offered five million dollars to a charity of his choice for him to release this college transcripts and would not do it. That seems a little fishy to me. I doubt a lot of things that he says.

  • HAHA! This is soo Funny!

    Obama attended a church that pimped Black Liberation Theology. That was as close to Christianity he want to be. And even that association (((like everything else))) was politically motivated. Read up on BLT, they are mostly full of black socialist, with some racists thrown in for good measure. Remember who said "God Damn America!" It was Obama's friend, the fanatical pastor of his church. (Jeremiah Wright)

  • No he isn't

    Just because a person attends a Christian service does not mean they're Christian. I think the biggest reason he cannot be called a Christian is his support for abortion. I'm not some radical right wing extremist, but let's be honest here. How many true Christians are anything but pro life? This is a large issue in the Christian religion, whatever the denomination. I attend Catholic mass from time to time. I don't consider myself a true Catholic though. Just because Obama attends Christian services doesn't mean he is a true Christian. Part of it is belief, part of it is behaviour. I think that given some of his beliefs (pro choice) and behaviour (voting against the Born Alive Infant Protection, shooting middle eastern cities up with drones, etc) ,one can come to the conclusion that he is not really a Christian. It's a popular thing to say, and a good way to gain votes. But it doesn't mean it's true. No, Obama isn't a Christian. Doesn't matter in the long run, but oh well. I'm bored and feel like chiming in.

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