Is President Donald Trump doing a good job at being the president?

  • Best President since Reagan

    He has been deporting illegals, Protecting our borders and our second amendment. He doesn't disrespect the people. He has been putting america first and fixed our economy. He has destroyed ISIS and took out the biggest terrorist in the World. It sucks knowing is being grateful for what he has done for this beautiful nation.

  • The BEST President EVER Elected in the USA. Without a doubt!

    President Donald Trump has undertaken MORE things than any other previous presidents or past administrations have done, Put together. First of all, He has been a fantastic commander-in-chief. He has completely and utterly strengthened the US military, Which by the way, Was a total disaster before he ran for office. Recently, He has also introduced the US Space Force, Which I am totally in favor of it. I think America will certainly need it for future space exploration and innovation.

    Second of all, The President has also reinforced the country's Southern border, By building a beautiful yet tough steel barrier - aka the wall. Even though it is not yet completed, But the President has kept his promise right from the start of his campaign.

    The President may be tough on Immigration, But hey, Think about it. The ultimate goal here is about keeping America SAFE, With the law and order all attached in place. People come into a country through a particular process that they all will have to abide and uphold. They don't just come to and walk in whenever they like.

    The President has also delivered perhaps the biggest tax cuts that I've ever seen. The employment rate is soaring, And the economy is really thriving again. Thousands of factories and businesses are opening, Creating new jobs, And more opportunities for people are still yet to come.

    Next, One of the President's foreign policy accomplishments that I can remember. The way he handles and how he is negotiating right now with North Korea is extraordinary. Even though this is still in-progress (the denuclearization), But I think they will be able to resolute their differences fairly quickly on into the future.

    At 2019, The President and his administration have also successfully vanquished the entire ISIS caliphate, Plus knocking out its leader. At the end of the day, The President will do everything he can to keep America safe and to put its interests first. Like what he said in one of his speeches, Quote, "The world is now a much safer place. . . "

    Since the President got elected into office, The opposition (the Democrats) has treated him SO unfairly. The Impeachment hearings (*which by the way is now OVER*) is a disgrace to the country and totally unnecessary. It has wasted millions of dollars of taxpayers' money, And the people are certainly NOT happy, Totally fed up, And have enough with the lies and fakery. The previous administrations have done literally nothing for America. The country previously was in disarray and not properly cared for.

    President Donald Trump has clearly demonstrated to the American people as well as to the world, That his true grit and his unyielding courage will continue to "Keep America Great. " He deserves the highest commendation!

    *** Look, I understand that many people do not like this President. What I will say is that we all have our differences, And we should all respect each other and our opinions regardless. ***

  • Yes, He's done great.

    President Trump has done a great job as president, And deserves a second term. I know, I know, Fake news CNN and MSLSD all say he's racist, Sexist, Xenophobic, Homophobic, An egotistical maniac, And so on, But this is only because Trump is in the way of their plan. Trump could solve world hunger, Find the cure to cancer himself, And create world peace, And these organizations would still call him the same names and probably a few more. These organizations and people all suffer from a "disease" known as TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), And will never like the actions of our president. Trump has lowered taxes for middle and lower class as well as businesses and corporations, Has lowered prices for many important items such as prescription drugs, Has bartered much fairer trade deals, Especially with China, And this is only the start of a long list of his accomplishments. There's always the attacks, Especially now with COVID, The whole "he's racist for calling it the Kung-Flu and the China Virus", But the same people make references to a century ago, Recalling the Spanish Flu. This isn't condemned as racist though. Trump's handling of the virus shows that, Despite Biden saying the opposite, He does care about the American people and their health. He wanted to close borders with China way before anyone thought it should be done, And because he did this, The liberal news called him xenophobic, And refuses to acknowledge now that it saved potentially tens or maybe even hundreds of thousands of lives. He doesn't mandate masks and lockdowns and mass quarantines, Since it is unconstitutional, And has already been proven so. Trump's economy wasn't booming, It was exploding, With Americans enjoying the best economy they have in many years, And Trump, For the people's health, Shut it down. The left says Trump is racist and sexist, But he condemned white supremacy many times, And on top of this, His economy before COVID was providing the best numbers for African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, And all women. He wants America to remain American, And because of this, The media says he's racist. At the same time, The left refuses to condemn ANTIFA, Saying that the BLM protests are mostly peaceful. Too many have broken out into riots, And when Trump sends in troops, With the state governor's approval, He's compared to Nazi's for doing so, When really he just wants peaceful protests. The left makes groups like proud boys look like the bad guys, When groups like the NFA are equal if not worse. Trump just wants peace with equality, And wants to work to obtain it, But the left keeps stirring the pot, Aggravating the sheep that listen to them. Really, President Trump has done phenomenal, But the left refuses to acknowledge a single thing he has done as "good". Trump has done and will hopefully continue doing a terrific job, And the facts prove it.

  • Best President Ever!

    This president has done more for this country than any president ever even with the demoncrats Yes I Meant demoncrats Throwing everything at him they could to remove him or stop him from Doing great things for this country And we the people all of we the people I pray that we the people get out and vote for him So he can continue to do great things for this great country and the great people of this country

  • Best President EVER!

    President Trump has done a fantastic job especially considering all the obstacles the Democrats have lied and thrown at him Democrats are liars and cheats deceiving The uneducated American population that do not understand politics President Trump is not a politician he is a man trying to keep this country great!

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  • Doing an awesome job!

    Improved economy, Protecting our boarders, Building our military, Bringing back jobs to America. Liberals said Obama fixed the economy but remember he said the GNP will never be over 1. Obama gave millions of dollars to a country that supports terrorists and we have gotten nothing in return. Unemployment is at record lows. Get honest liberals. . . …. Just because he is not politically correct with everything he says, He is doing a great job. The hatred liberals have for him is so childish. Wake up and get real!

  • I pray for the people who honestly believe Trump is doing a good job as president

    I would like to start this out by saying that yes, I am biased as I have been raised in a democratic household, But am trying to view this issue from all sides. I also do respect and value everyone's opinion, But quite honestly, People that side with Trump and agree with some of the horrific things he has done are not people that I want anything to do with.

    Firstly, Let's discuss immigration. I do acknowledge that obviously America is only so big and can't support unlimited numbers of immigrants flowing into the country. However the xenophobia that our president seems to have is some of the most hypocritical bs that I have ever seen - America was quite literally BUILT on immigrants, And anyone who isn't Native American has descended from immigrants. But this is besides the point, These people are coming from countries where their lives are in danger, And where awful, Unspeakable crimes are being committed. When we put them in these awful immigration camps, And keep children in CAGES, But then claim to be the "land of freedom, Liberty, And justice" what in hell is just about any of that? And though we cannot give Trump all the credit for the awful treatment of immigrants in the United States, He has played a huge role in making life so much worse for them.

    There is plenty of proof to say he has raped multiple women, But even if that isn't true, There is footage of him saying awful, Sexist, Racist, And homophobic things about all sorts of people, Which really begs the question, WHY IS THIS OUR PRESIDENT?

    From his embarrassing tweets (Seriously, Somebody please take away his twitter account) to humiliating interviews (i hope to god that he doesn't actually need to flush his toilet 15 times after going, His poor wife and kids), To his drawn-on sharpie weather map, Trump has become a world-wide clown and embarrassment to America. I don't know if republicans aren't ready to accept it or what, But the rest of the developed world laughs at our country, Because this man is the face of it.

    Also I want to touch on his "keep america great again" slogan (or as it is now, "keep america great"). The whole basis of that motto is incredibly ignorant of him and his whole campaign, But perhaps I shouldn't even be surprised at this point. When was America ever great? Assuming he meant sometime in the mid 1900s or so, Yeah, Maybe America was great to wealthy, Straight, White men. But let's not forget about the horrible things happening during the time (and still now! ) to gay people, African-Americans, Immigrants, And even women.

    Lastly, I just want to say, Though one could argue that this is not entirely his fault, Trump being president and saying the unbelievable words that come out of his mouth has encouraged many crazy, Neo-nazi, White supremacists to come out of their little confederate caves and into the open.

  • Worst President Ever!

    Hasn’t done anything to be praised for, And he tried to take credit for a good economy that he just inherited from Obama. As a gay man this president has set out to strip rights from me and my community as the trump administration is passing legislation to legalize anti gay discrimination on a federal level meaning I can be discriminated against in housing, Adoption, And getting a job.

  • OK BOOMER you asked me don't get upset

    No its like a guy who has a hot wife but he has ED, Or a guy with a 4x4 turbo charged HD truck but he can't drive.
    Trump has the presidency but the man has no clue and he is not half as skilled as Obama. Obama had the whole republicans against him and he did what he wanted and passed what he wanted. Trump tries and tries and fails and them blames the courts and democrats and cries "Deep State".
    I thought the man promised he would clean the swamp. Why is Hillary not in Jail? If he knew about Epstien and his black book why did he let him die in jail and forever lose the evidence to convict Bill Clinton? The man fumbles all the time.
    Why did the man fail to build the wall? Obama would have finished by now if he ever wanted to do it.
    Deep state, Like I said why is Trump so powerless to kick out crooked politicians and judges and convict them. The only people that seem to get kicked out and get any convictions are Trump's own cabinet. Hiring the best? More like hiring a bunch of incompetent people. The man is understaffed and he can't even manage the ones he hired.
    Illegals. So far the only group he can attack and deport are illegals but guess what Obama did an even better job at that. Trump had illegals and probably still has illegals working for him. Your presidents like using cheap illegal labor (Sarcastic GASP! )
    Oh yeah and he inflated the deficit and it will burst the economy in his second term or after it. Your orange messiah ironically was your own undoing.
    Americans will have no more working economy and American children will starve, Because your orange man removed the safety nets. No medications no money and no trust. What is the point of having hundreds of rounds, If you have no medications to keep your unhealthy family alive? A simple germ is all that is needed and the death of the USA will happen. And papa china and mother Russia will be ready.

  • Donald trump is a joke to the united states

    Trump is not a good president. Trump does not care at all about kids in cages or climate change. He is also really against transgender and gay rights, He also sexualizes his own daughter. Trump only cares about white, Privileged people, He couldn’t care less about minorities whether that be of different races, Sexualities, Genders, Or people with disabilities.

  • The incompetent elect one of their own

    Trump: the 'patriot' who's a draft dodger, The 'Christian' who's an adulterers and puts children in cages, The 'businessman' that failed every company he ran, The 'tell-it-like-it-is' guy that's lied 15, 000 times and counting.

    How can you argue against Trump and his base when they refuse to accept basic facts and science?

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MyacronymissimplyCEE says2020-02-09T00:56:17.493
If he had been permitted to do the best job he could, We'd all be dead. . . Because, Seriously, You humans are vermin. You really need to just, You know, Go away. And die. YAY, NORTH KOREA! HERE WE ARE! HIT THAT BUTTON! HEEEYYYYY. . . !

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