• Yes he is

    He has done a way better job then bush.But you haters don't want to hear it.Obama is not a liar.Maybe he didn't know that it was going to happen.NO HUMAN is prefect.You don't need to say something 29 time for it to become a lie.Some people really think that what they say are true

  • Obama is doing good

    Obama is president during one of the hardest times. With ISIS, syria, terrorist attacks, and much more he's doing a good job. He's trying his best to do what he thinks is right for not only America, but the world in a big or small situation. The media hates him and spreads why THEY hate Obama because they don't agree with him. If Obama was so, so bad as people say he is, then why has America not collapsed already or why hasn't ISIS made a full blown attack on American major cities. The answer is Obama is keeping us and the economy safe and sound. The United States is in good hands for the rest of 2015 and 2016 because Obama is doing a nice job in the Oval Office.

  • Obama is doing a good job

    I think President Obama is doing a good job based on the position he was put in from the start. He is trying to implement a national medical program for everyone to use. He is trying his best to deal with the economy and budget. In addition, trying to please both the Democrats and Republics, which is a tough job to do.

  • President Obama is doing a good job

    President Obama inhereted the Bush recession, two foreign wars, and an opposition who was determined to stop the President no matter how much they harmed the country.

    We now have universal health care that is not tied to the whims of your employer, a rebounding economy (although there is plenty of work still to be done on the economy), and the end of major combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. All things considered, we are far better off than where we were when the Bush Presidency ended.

  • Not quite good...

    So far, President Obama has backed out on most of his promises. The ones that he hasn't backed out on, he's explicitly broken and he has made no apologies. For all of the good he tries to do, he has made half-hearted attempts to reach across the aisle to the GOP and lets himself get bullied into submission. He's somewhere between George W. Bush and just plain pathetic.

  • Obama Doing Bad Job

    Through this point in time, President Obama has done a fairly lackluster job. His presidency is marked with congressional deadlock and tons of problems, including the NSA spying scandal. Obama has hurt the country far more than he has helped it during his term and a half leading the country.

  • No Obama has lost sight of what we need

    Obama is not doing a good job in office. He has lost site on what this country really needs from him. Instead he has decided to push through things that he wants to see in action rather than considering the greater good and need of the country. He is simply going in the wrong direction.

  • President Obama is not doing a good job.

    President Obama has not fulfilled most of his campaign promises. He has not closed Camp X-Ray in Cuba, and he has not ended the Afghan War. Although the economy is improving, most economists agree that long term economic trends are beyond the control of any president. There has also been the NSA spying scandal.

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