• National Slavery Agency

    By approving the espionage activity of the NSA, Obama has clearly shown that the rights of the individual aren't of top priority. Despite the american constitution, aswell as the declaration of human rights by the UN, both find the privacy of the individual a greater freedom than the national security, Obama has continued the expansion of NSA, breaking one of the promises he made during the election campaign.Not keeping your promises as a politician is the greatest threat to democracy and in turn.

    Reforming america towards the wellfare state model on the other hand is probably the most positive change he has caused during his term. Social welfare is a cornerstone of the freedom of a nation.
    If "freedom" means healthcare and healthy food only for the rich, then I want no part of it!

  • Equality above Freedom

    Obama's view of justice seems to be a liberal one whereby everyone ought to have a basic minimum so that whilst some may be starting the race further forward, none are starting the race further back than a certain point. This is seen in the way that he wants to introduce a national health service.

  • Limiting freedoms and pushing Americans toward a welfare state

    America has freedoms that our founding fathers put in place because of what they went through and didn't want future generations to go through the same. We are slowly having our rights of free speech, have and bear arms and forced into a welfare state. We need less government and more positive change on working together.

  • Obama creates restrictions and limits freedoms

    1. He wants to grow the size of the federal government.
    2. He supports even MORE progressive taxation.
    3. He opposes free trade.
    4. He opposes drug use, while he did it in high school.

    Barack H. Obama is an extreme communist-socialist who is unwilling to compromise on anything and limits freedoms, not expand them.

  • Is Obama Limiting American's Freedoms?

    I don't feel that Obama is limiting American's freedoms anymore than any other presidents have. For that matter, Obama has increased some American's freedoms in certain areas. This concern arises with each new presidency. What happens over the next 4 years may tell a different story but for now, I can't see that we have been limited.

  • Yes, just as most presidents have

    Any governing body, be it the President, congress, state legislators, or even just a school board, work to make a group of people work peacefully and well together. Most of this type of work is done by limiting the things that individuals can and cannot do. While this may be "limiting freedoms" it is also the type of thing that keeps peacefully together.

  • The richest people in America own you

    They own all the important land, they own all the important corporations and they own you too. Whoever is president at any given time has absolutely no affect on your so called freedoms which are just a false sense of security, so keep on buying things you don't need with money you don't have so my stocks keep paying for my living.

  • No.

    Obama governed his first term predominantly from the center-right. I have seen a video where Obama & Reagan are both talking about making the rich pay more in taxes than someone from the middle class. For all of the GOP harping about Obamacare, you would almost forget that the Heritage Foundation along with almost all of the big wheels in the GOP wanted George HW Bush to institute an individual health insurance mandate, except for any regulations on the insurance companies. Obama hasn't limited our freedoms, today's Republican party has decided that it's more important to denigrate the President than to share governing responsibility.

  • No, though some people might think so.

    There are a couple of areas in which people might think Obama is out to limit our freedom, one is the gun control issue and the other is the religious freedom of an employer to deny health coverage over things such as insurance paid birth control. I believe the gun control issue is one he feels strongly about, but not in any sense of taking away our right to bear arms, but in the sense of removing guns that can cause the most harm. For the rest of his agenda, he is like a breath of fresh air in opening up discussions about all sorts of issues that need to be addressed in our society. I do believe he inspires us to become a better country, and certainly not a less free one.

  • He's Not Limiting, He's Expanding

    President Obama is not limiting freedoms in this country. He is actually doing the exact opposite. During his inaugural speech, he showed the type of commitment He had to expanding opportunities and freedoms in this country. He showed it throughout his first term as well. Saying he's limiting freedoms sound ridiculous.

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