Is President Obama older and wiser this time around?

  • Obama's Wisdom On the Stand

    President Barack Obama's second term promises to put into effect many of the promises he made during his original campaign. And he should be able to reach these, and other, goals in his second term due to his publicly berated ability to manage the Congress. During his second term, Obama will be prepared to utilize the cards played by his opposition to yield a beneficial result for all the people.

  • He Will Learn From His Mistakes

    Of course President Obama is older and wiser after his first term as president. He has a lot of experience under his belt now, so I expect his 2nd term to be a lot better. Obama is a smart guy that will learn from his mistakes and missteps from his previous term.

  • Obama is Older and Far Wiser

    As with any presidency, Obama if older and far wiser this time around. This thinking goes along in any field of work. There is no doubt that President Obama has experienced and learned much from his first term. We can only hope that he has educated himself during the previous years in order to make this term even more progressive than the first.

  • No

    Obama has only gotten worse since his first inauguration. He still insists that the constitution means nothing and his policies have only gotten this country even MORE into debt. The country has just been absolutely falling apart ever since he got into office. Liberals need to stay out of my white house.

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