Is President Obama right that Trump is "uniquely unqualified" to run for office?

  • Yes he is

    He is uniquely unqualified. Him and reagan are pretty much the only people to have entered in situations like this, and reagan was not entered into over 400 court cases, a handful of which involving rape/general sexual assault allegations. Also, the new stuff coming out with Stormie Daniels; if he was living in NY at the time, he is also guilty of an adultery misdemeanor - as he was married to Melania at the time, and had already lived through the birth of his youngest son who they conceived together. So yes, he is uniquely unqualified, in that he has no political experience AND a shit ton of experience on the shady side of business as well as general life.

  • Yes, I think so.

    He criticised Trump over apparently avoiding tax which merely showed that he is not willing to give anything back to the country that gave him everything. In the American history, this year election campaign was so nasty and arises one question whether the morality of the people had fallen below expectation.

  • President Obama says Trump "uniquely unqualified" for office

    Donald Trump has been a very successful business person for over 40 years. I has to deal with lots of people in America and overseas. These people don't make decisions that effect entire countries. During his speeches and debates he has a way of rubbing people the wrong way in the words he uses to speak. He is too blunt and direct. Sometimes you can't just say what is on your mind because it could be offensive to other people. He has said numerous comments in the past that have sparked controversy. Also he doesn't have knowledge of foreign policy. Anyone can go up and give a speak that is memorized or on a teleprompter that he can read about what is going on in the world but to truly know how his decisions will effect the global standing of the United States makes his potential presidency very scary. I could see other countries taking grave offense to the things he says and then take it out on our great country.

  • Yes, President Obama is right that Trump is "uniquely unqualified" to run for office.

    Yes, President Obama is right that Trump is "uniquely unqualified" to run for office because he has zero experience. Why should he become the president? He has never served in the military, he has never been a politician. He says some of the most horrible things anyone has ever heard.

  • Let's think back to Ronald Reagan.

    Blast from the past: lets think back to good old Ronald Reagan. One of the greats among presidents, but guess what? Neither was he qualified. He was an actor of all things, and a minor politician. People laughed at him when he ran for president: much like people do now at Trump.

    In the end, Reagan became a favorite among the American people. Qualification has nothing to do when it comes to how good or bad a president would be. If Hillary Clinton ever came into office, chances are, she'd be horrible for our country, despite her political backstory.

    Qualifications means nothing in the long run.

  • I don't really know, okay? But anything is better than Hillary.

    I really dislike Hillary because she loves to destroy other countries. She played and/or plays a part in destroying Libya, Iraq, Syria and Yemen (by supporting Saudi). And now she would love to start a war with Russia, and drag the whole of NATO into that conflict. Now, that will be a war that Russia can't win, and Russia will be ruined. Love them or hate them, starting a war and ruining their country is *wrong*. The same goes for Iran.

  • He has special qualifications.

    It would be a positive turn of events to have someone in political office that is an actual business person. Most people who run for President are career politicians. They might know how governments work but they have no practical experience with the frustrations that businesses have with regulations on a day to day basis. Trump understands how working people feel and what they have to deal with.

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