Is President Obama stirring class resentment when he speaks of income inequality?

  • He wants socialism.

    Yes, President Obama is stirring class resentment, because President Obama believes in socialism and that is what he wants for this country. He wants to tax the rich until they are no longer opening businesses, because then the government can control all of the means of production, and with it the American people.

  • It was already there, now it is worse.

    Class resentment had always been there, and strong. But he has made it much worse. Whenever he talks about income inequality he usually talks about how the rich are taking advantage, and how it's not fair, and how the rich are greedy and only care about themselves. Even if it's not true.

  • It is what it is.

    The current systems suck the energies of the masses simply because some were here earlier and laid out the infrastructure to primarily serve the few. Obama is correct, the current state of capitalism is unsustainable however; using technology we can begin to change the outcome. I like what the Buyers Earned Equity Exchange PBC is building. There are other options like a universal basic imcome but I prefer the latter because it has it keeps the "spirit" of capitalism while mitigating the greed factor significantly.

  • No, I think the presedent is trying to convey a inherent unfairness in society.

    No, I think the president is trying to convey a inherent unfairness in society. We need to try to create more opportunities for people at the middle and bottom. I believe president Obama is trying to get support for new ideas. I think he speaks of class and inequality in a responsible and honest way that people needs to hear.

  • Class resentment is already strong without Obama's statments.

    It is hard to say that Obama is stirring up class resentment when he speaks of income inequality when income inequality has been the one issue that has plagued America for decades and has never been solved. The true resentment comes from the lack of actual dialouge about income inequality. The rich are able to simple "buy" the conversation and convince people that income inequality is either a good thing or not existent at all.

  • No, it is already there

    I feel that there is already resentment in income so him speaking about it does not make it worst. I know as a working class American it is tough becuse rich don't need the help, the poor get the help and we are just left hung out to dry. We make enough to get by but not enough to leave comfortably. If anything I feel he is just saying what most of us feel already.

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