• Yes, he is wasting money

    Yes, President Obama is wasting money. He has spent more than all the other Presidents before him combined. National debt has skyrocketed. His personal / family extravagant lifestyle is expensive, and his efforts to turn America into a socialist, government-owned and government-funded state cost a lot of money as well.

  • Yes, he does.

    Mr. President has doubled the debt in first two years of his first term, that says enough. Welfare spending, social security, etc.. Have skyrocketed. These programs were originally meant to get people back on their feet and help seniors who NEED help; they were not meant to bankrupt society. Haven't you heard that he raised taxes in his second term to 7.6% for the middle class. He knows that American workers could barely make it afloat before, and now it's worst. The Affordable Care Act is going to go into effect. Small business are going to give their guys less hours to cope with it, and premiums have went through the roof. For some lucky fellows, it's not going to affect them, but for others it will.

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