Is President Obama's handling of foreign policy the worse or same as George W. Bush's?

  • Obama's foreign policy is similar to Bush's.

    Instead of leaving the Middle East alone like any good leader would do, Obama has managed to take us out and put us back in on the same basis the Bush got us in there: Terrorism. ISIS threatens US interest, so we must return and pull off the same form of failure we had in Vietnam. One thing Obama does do different, however, is use drone strikes to commit crimes against humanity instead of people half the time.

  • Yes, President Obama's foreign policy is about the same as Bush's.

    I really supported Barack Obama but I am having a hard time seeing how he is creating foreign policy that is very different from that of George Bush. And it is hard to believe he was awareded the Nobel Peace Prize early on. That even makes me question that award from now on. Wars are going on all the time under him.

  • President Obama's handling of foreign policy is not worse than George W. Bush's.

    President Obama has shown a much more diplomatic approach to resolving foreign crisis than George W. Bush did. Bush's approach to foreign conflict was to threaten or even strike those perceived as enemies of the United States. It was under George W. Bush's leadership that the United States came to be viewed by the rest of the world as a bully. Under Obama's leadership, diplomacy and negotiation has been the emphasis in foreign police.

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